A crazy theory ensures that this Ted Lasso character is CGI

The CGI on the order of the day

We have already talked at length about the world of CGI on our cover. As you know, this technique is the order of the day in the world of television and cinema, since thanks to it you can recreate certain situations quite realistically using the computer.

Among the most well-known and recent cases of CGI employment with actors is, for example, the rejuvenated Princess Leia in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story or the appearance of a young man Luke Skywalker -above these lines- in the finale of the second season of The Mandalorian, as you well remember in The Verge. And precisely this publication is the one that now brings up the latest theory related to this digital technique and a TV series: according to many followers of Ted lasso, the particular character of Roy Kent is also created by CGI. What you are reading.

A Roy Kent, a lie? on Ted Lasso

The theory is far from new. For almost a year, some followers of Ted Lasso believe at close quarters in reality Roy Kent it is recreated by computer and that Apple will at some point reveal its secret and how it has been playing with its Apple TV + viewers.

The reason why they are now talking about it is because someone on Twitter decided to take these hypotheses, which until now were discussed in the forums of Reddit, in the light, showing that it is a topic discussed and endorsed by many people:

And it is that in a certain way the character, supposedly played by the British actor Brett goldstein (Ahem), It has some peculiarities that only feed the theory such as a perfect facial hair, its particular way of expressing itself or that tone and skin finish that sometimes could make you think that it is not quite. real.

A Twitter user captured what we pointed out quite well by collecting some “suspicious” images that make it seem that what we see on the screen is not really a human being:

If you have stopped to read the thread that was tweeted a few days ago, some followers even believe that Apple is waiting for some special moment like a nomination for a TV award (for example, an Emmy) to unveil the cake and leave us all with open mouth.

Have you ever considered such a possibility? Do you think Roy Kent could be computer generated and that one day we will find out?

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