A Dark Web black market dismantled, the Galaxy S22 sold off, this is the recap

A police operation has shut down the largest black market on the Dark Web. Faced with the controversy over the clamping of the Galaxy S22, Samsung has decided to halve the price of the smartphone. And Orange, which is unveiling its new Livebox with a new premium formula. This is the recap of Tuesday, April 5, 2022.

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We had a very interesting day yesterday. Indeed, in 24 hours, Elon Musk went from being an active influencer on Twitter to a member of the board of directors. The Tesla boss acquired 9.2% of the social network on April 4, 2022, paying $2.9 billion of his personal fortune and causing a slight wind of panic. After talking with the boss of Twitter, the latter offers him a seat on the board of directors when he does not yet hold 10% of the capital. Only condition: that it does not reach 15%, another very important threshold. Elon Musk at Twitter, that promises to be interesting. Here are the other news from the day of April 5, 2022 that caught our attention.

Samsung halves the price of the Galaxy S22

Samsung has been heavily criticized in recent weeks vis-à-vis the Galaxy S22. It has been proven that the smartphone was intentionally restricted. The goal is not to improve autonomy, but to save money. The firm has therefore decided to considerably reduce the price of the smartphone. The first country concerned is South Korea, where Samsung’s image has been strongly impacted. It is sold there for half its original price.. It remains to be seen whether the decline will also take place in other countries.

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The Dark Web is losing its biggest black market

The German police completed a major operation on the Dark Web this week. The police have indeed succeeded in closing Hydra Market, its largest black market. Specializing in drugs, false documents and the trade in hacked data, it had existed since 2015 and had 19,000 sellers, 17 million customers worldwide and a $1.23 billion annual revenue. Eye-catching numbers. The police also seized 23 million euros in Bitcoin, small consolation in the face of the site’s colossal cash inflows.

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Orange’s new Livebox comes with a new premium subscription

Only three years after the Livebox 5, Orange presented the Livebox 6. It naturally relies on modernized connectivity, in particular WiFi 6 and 10 Gb/s Ethernet ports which were sorely lacking in the previous version. For the rest, we will have to wait for its formal launch which will take place on April 6, before a commercial availability on April 7. But tomorrow’s announcement will not only be technical. It will be commercial. Indeed, Orange is preparing to launch a new subscription called Livebox Max and therefore the price would be higher than the current formulas (whose highest price is 49.90 euros per month).

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