A developer transforms his iMac G4 into an Apple Silicon


It seems that a clever hardware technician has managed to transform a iMac G4 from 2002 in a powerful Apple Silicon with M1 processor. The guy explains that he took the M1 processor out of a current Mac mini and swapped it out for the G4 he originally had. After that, you have installed macOS Big Sur, and it works without problems.

So to boat soon I do not believe it. Surely it will be a fake to stay with some innocent Apple fanboys. But the developer has explained on his Twitter that he is creating a series of video tutorials explaining the transformation method for anyone who dares to do it. We will see then …

A technical hardware developer has decided to pay a special tribute to Steve Jobs on the 10th anniversary of his passing by turning a vintage 2002 iMac G4 into a modern new age Mac. Apple Silicon. And he has been so hot.

The iOS Developer Colby Sheets It seems that you have been able to transform your vintage iMac powered by the chip PowerPC G4 in a whole Apple Silicon that works perfectly. Basically, Sheets took Apple’s M1 processor out of a current Mac mini motherboard and inserted it into his iMac. You’ve paired the change with an 8GB RAM upgrade.

Sheets explained that he would not have been able to complete his project without the help of vintage Mac collector Pendleton115’s YouTube tutorials on computer mods. For those interested in giving their vintage Mac a new life, Sheets has promised to explain more about the mod shortly, including a tutorial where it explains the necessary steps to carry out the transformation.

I sincerely believe that such a modification is impossible. Simply because the architecture of the PowerPC G4 processor was 32 bit, and that of the new M1 chip is 64 bit. We will then wait to see the tutorials …

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