A drone race? An original idea to unveil the premises of Juice Technology

Presenting your new premises through a video can quickly become very banal and boring. But Juice Technology has turned that into a surprising challenge. The company, expert in the development of charging solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles, wanted to think outside the box. For that, nothing better than a drone race, during the Juice Challenge 2021.

An indoor drone race with Juice Technology

Meet on the outskirts of Zurich, Switzerland. And more precisely in Bachenbulach. This is where the Juice Technology headquarters has taken up residence. And to present it, the Swiss software publisher wanted to be out of the ordinary. Through a drone race, we are immersed in the heart of the Juice building.

As three drone pilots compete to reach the finish line first, we discover all the departments that make up Juice Technology: human resources, accounting, public relations, marketing, engineering…

The challenge is not easy to meet. Indeed, generally, drone races are held outdoors. But Juice Technology loves difficulty. The three challengers must maneuver their drones around company premises carefully without disturbing Juice employees who are working quietly at their desks or in meeting rooms.

Of course, everything is done to guarantee the safety of the company’s employees. The drones used are designed specifically for indoor filming and feature propeller guards (“whoops”). These allow them to fly close to people without risking injury.

The three pilots who got caught up in the game know each other: Michael Issler and Markus Hauri are both members of the Swiss Drone League (SDL) while Daniel Bachofen is a cinematographic pilot whose specialty is producing films. After successfully participating in the Drone World Championship in Shenzhen in 2019, Michael Issler won this very special drone race.

In less than six minutes, this visual journey gives us many sensations, keeps us in suspense and gives us the impression of being squarely there. For Juice Technology, it’s a nice way to introduce us to the four floors that make up its headquarters. And to mark the spirits.

Focus on Juice Technology

Juice Technology is one of the few comprehensive providers in the industry to offer everything from software to AC and DC charging station for the private and public sector. The Swiss company has also dominated the market for 22 kW mobile charging stations for eight years. The pahre model, the Juice Booster 2, a portable wallbox, allows vehicles to be recharged from any domestic or industrial socket using the appropriate adapter.

To advance the spread of electromobility, we must move quickly. Because the market is growing rapidly. This is why the company is constantly opening up to new markets. Over the past year, subsidiaries have been established in China, North America, the Iberian Peninsula and Scandinavia. A branch was also opened in Paris, Juice France.

The technology company has repeatedly demonstrated its expertise by offering ever more innovative and high-quality products, with the user always in sight. With innovation at the heart of its priorities, no wonder the company wanted to showcase its headquarters through a drone race.

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