A family is spied via an AirTag at Disney, Netflix gains subscribers thanks to piracy, this is the recap

A family spied on via an AirTag at Disney, Netflix and Disney+ who are gaining subscribers thanks to the pirating of series, a tutorial for installing the Nothing launcher on the vast majority of Android smartphones, this is the summary of the essential news for Monday May 2 2022.

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Didn’t have time to follow the news of the Android universe and high-tech this Monday, May 2, 2022? No problem, in this article we summarize for you the essential news of the day before. On the program, a tutorial to install the launcher of Nothing, the young brand co-founded by Carl Pei, the father of OnePlus. We then continue with an increase in the number of subscribers at Netflix and Disney+ thanks to… piracy. The other headline news of the day is this disturbing story told by a family, who claims to have been followed in a Disney park thanks to an AirTag. Let’s go for the summary!

How to install the Nothing launcher on your Android smartphone

Nothing has just launched an open beta for its new Launcher. According to the manufacturer, this beta is only accessible on certain smartphones. Nevertheless and thanks to an official APK file, it is possible to test the new launcher on many Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony and many other devices. Here’s how to do it.

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Netflix and Disney+ are gaining subscribers through piracy

According to a new study, piracy would not be so bad for streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney+. Indeed, the study reveals that pirated series are the subject of word-of-mouth that lead users to register on streaming services. The researchers estimate that the effects generated by the media buzz around a pirated series compensate for the negative consequences of the piracy.

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Family claims AirTag was used to spy on them

An American family explains that they were spied on during a visit to a Disney park. According to them, a third person would have slipped an AirTag in their belongings to follow him throughout the day. Jennifer Gaston, the family’s teenager, received an alarming notification on her iPhone as they reached the car.

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