A former Cork Apple employee appeals his dismissal after explosive remnants are detected in his backpack

A former Apple employee who was fired from his job on the company’s Cork campus after they met remnants of an explosive substance in your bag, He has appealed for damages in his favor and seeks to clean up his reputation and not financial compensation for his dismissal.

rish Examiner claims that Stanislav Ivanov, a former Apple support advisor in Cork, was found remains of Tetryl in his backpack at a Christmas party from work at a local soccer stadium. The substance, used in detonators for explosive devices, was found by security personnel in December 2018.

In a police search at his home carried out on December 14, 2018, no illegal substance was found, but at his workplace, where remains of an unspecified explosive substance were found both on his work table and on the computer. Ivanov maintained that had not had any contact with explosives and he appealed his dismissal to the country’s Labor Relations Commission, which ruled in his favor.

Apple reportedly did not challenge the judgment or the € 4,500 award, but Ivanov has appealed this compensation and prefers to have his name cleared.

Apparently Ivanov had originally requested reinstatement to his postBut he said he no longer wanted to return to Apple because the trust between him and the company had been broken. Ivanov claims that he had to leave Ireland because he could not pay his rent and bills since his dismissal and that his social circle of friends and colleagues had missing after your dismissal.

A labor court ruled Tuesday that the entire case had to be re-examined in a new hearing on all the facts, deferring the case to a later date. Apple declined to comment further on the situation.

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