A Formula 2 team signs a contract with a professional simracing player

Although it is clear that the love for games should never replace practices such as study or work, more and more people are taking advantage of gaming. Although we are not only talking within the field of eSports, but the curious case of Cem Bölükbasia young simracing player who has managed to get the attention of a real Formula 2 team.

His career began just a few years ago with the F1 2018 game, gradually managing to make a dent in the professional scene as a virtual pilot, participating in the official Formula 1 championship and winning other eSports competitions like the Formula Renault of the past 2020, after having competed in lower categories for just three years. An experience that is completed with real competitions such as the Asian F3, the GT4 European Series, the European Le Mans Series and the Euroformula, where he has achieved seven podiums and two victories.

A combined record that has made today, the Charouz Racing System of Formula 2, has offered to sign a contract to participate in the 2022 championship.

Although it is obvious that there is an important weight derived from real competitions, the importance of his skill in virtual competitions has also been influential in the decision. A milestone that sets a precedent for the development of the world of motorsport and gaming, not only with the possibility of creating new and more realistic deliveries, but also a feedback between both sectors. And it is that the last official Formula 1 eSports championship made it clear the growing popularity of this virtual sportaccumulating a large number of followers and views.

For its part, eSports continue to make their way little by little to try to establish themselves as a recognized official sport. And you, Do you think eSports competitions should be considered sports?

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