A game of 98.5 million is approved to support the growth of SMEs and startups

The Council of Ministers approved, at the beginning of May, three lines of financing to support SMEs and innovative entrepreneurship managed by ENISA, a body under the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. In total there will be 98.5 million euros that are distributed in three lines: Enisa Young Entrepreneurs Line, Enisa Entrepreneurs Line and Enisa Growth Line.

It is estimated that some 470 innovative business projects promoted by SMEs, as well as by entrepreneurs, will be covered, inducing an investment of more than 170.4 million euros.

For the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Hector Gomez, “It is very important to support innovation in Spanish SMEs and ENISA plays a key role due to its long history as a financial instrument both in the creation and expansion stages of new scalable and sustainable business models that enable transformation, not only of the economy, but of society itself.

for his part Jose BayonCEO of ENISA, adds that “Through the expansion of lines and the renewal and commitment of those provided by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, we demonstrate our commitment to startups and innovative SMEs. We are the public instrument of reference in the sector and for this reason we will continue transforming our economy and reinforcing the great value of the Spanish innovative ecosystem”.

About the ENISA lines

In 2022 the number of loans approved by ENISA amounted to a total of 642 operations (14.6% more than in 2021), for an amount of more than 105.5 million euros (13.6% more than in 2021), thus becoming the largest annual investment in its history with a number of record approvals.

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This past year the number of funding requests received amounted to 1,717, for an amount of more than 412.3 million euros.

This financial impulse materializes in participatory loans of between 25,000 and 1.5 million euros. It is a financing alternative that is particularly well suited to the needs of SMEs and startups and does not require any endorsement or guarantee other than a solid business project and the professional solvency of its management team.

To access financing from ENISA, all the processing is done through its website. The projects must be located in the national territorybeing able to belong to any sector, with the exception of real estate or finance.

Some of the business projects financed by ENISA in their initial stages or in successive phases of expansion have had an excellent track record, such as PLD Space, MásMóvil, Jobandtalent, Filmin, Genially, Alvalle, Silbon, Bound4Blue, Habitissimo, Komvida Kombucha, Izertis, Cooltra, Agrenvec and Idoven among many.

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