A good, beautiful and now cheaper iPad Air: look at its prices

What discounts does the iPad Air 4 have?

The first of all is to talk about the discounts that these devices currently have on Amazon with respect to their prices at Apple. While it is true that there are some offers more interesting than others, all versions have a discount, what yes or yes will save you money regardless of your preferences.

Starting at WiFi versions We find these discounts, always depending on their storage capacity and color:

  • 64GB storage:
    • Pink colour: 32 euros discount
    • Silver color: 30 euros discount
    • Color blue: 20 euros discount
    • Space gray color: 16 euros discount
    • Green color: 13 euros discount
  • 256 GB of storage:
    • Space gray color: 45 euros discount
    • Green color: 43 euros discount
    • Blue or silver color: 41 euros discount
    • Pink colour: 40 euros discount

For the versions WiFi + Cellular We also find interesting discounts, especially in the higher capacity versions:

  • 64GB storage:
    • Blue, Space Gray, Pink, or Silver Color: 70 euros discount
    • Green color: 50 euros discount
  • 256 GB of storage:
    • Green color: 107 euros discount
    • Silver color: 84 euros discount
    • Pink colour: 65 euros discount
    • Color blue: 64 euros discount
    • Space gray color: 48 euros discount

We remember that you will also have 2 years warranty with the purchase, with Apple coverage during the first of these years and with Amazon during the second. If in addition, for any reason you would like to return it or exchange it for another model, there is a return period of at least 30 days by which you can do it.

TOP features, even for 2022

Even if we compare this iPad Air with the iPad Pro 2021 we can see that the difference is not so much for practical purposes. While it is true that the ‘Pro’ has 0.1 inches more screen and a very powerful chip, the truth is that with the ‘Air’ you will not be far behind. its 10.9 inch screen it looks great in practically any light circumstance and makes it fully manageable, being an ideal piece of equipment to take anywhere.

ipad air with magic keyboard

It has a chip A14 Bionic that, although it is true that perhaps it is not the best for very heavy processes, it can bear them perfectly and more when they are not tasks that are carried out with excessive assiduity. Everything is very fluid and offers accessory compatibility that give it even more possibilities, such as keyboards, mice and even the 2nd generation Apple Pencil.

We believe that it is an iPad that, even if it has not been renewed this year, can remain suitable for many more years. The good thing is that in addition addresses a wide public. From students to professionals who don’t need the best processor available in an iPad. So if you were already thinking about your purchase or you think now that it may be for you, surely with these discounts you will just be encouraged to get one.

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