A Google Maps driver hit a motorist in Senegal and can be seen on Street View

Google Maps runs over a motorist in Senegal

Google Maps will never cease to amaze us. The Google map system has once again left us with a very strange scene, since as the streamer discovered Polispol during a Twitch stream, the view of Street view of a region of Senegal let me see an accident between the vehicle in charge of taking the photos and a motorcyclist that he came across at a very inopportune moment.

A very remote coincidence

Everything is born in the direct of the user Polispol, who was playing with his viewers to GeoGuessr, a web application that places you in a random place in the world and invites you to guess exactly where you are. As you can imagine, the game is sometimes extremely complicated, however, this time the attention was taken by another reason.

The streamer’s surprise came when reviewing the place, he saw how the Street View images showed a terrible accident in several frames in which Google’s vehicle ran over a motorist who was crossing the road at that precise moment.

Looking at the images, we can intuit that the driver must have been distracted at the time, since several meters before the motorcycle was already present in the center of the road. Still, looking at the impact and how the motorcycle moves, the speed of the vehicle may have been slightly high.

Unfortunately, we do not know the outcome of the story, and we do not know if the motorcyclist suffered serious injuries, but seeing that his case was blown up, something tells us that he could have suffered a serious mishap. Of course, the images of that day end there, since if we continue on the route, the Street View images become one year later. The coincidence of all this is that the Geoguessr game decided to choose that point on the map on that exact date, giving rise to such a discovery. Chance?

The pictures are still posted

Google Maps runs over a motorist in Senegal

The most striking thing about this whole matter is that Google has not removed the images of the accident. Accustomed to seeing censored telephone numbers, people’s faces and house numbers, it is very strange that the company has not deleted these harsh images, even more so considering that they are 5 frames and from a place as remote as that.

The only thing we can see is that, if we advance in position, the camera changes lane and date, going to May 2022. That is the most recent date that Google Maps has for the area, hence the previous images of the run over have not been erased. If you try to access the site directly, other images will appear, having to manually request the December 2021 version to see them.

Fountain: @Polispol

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