A great alternative to the Raspberry Pi Pico with a display included

Alternative to Raspberry Pi Pico with serial display

The Raspberrry Pi Pico is a version based on the usual Raspberry Pi, only with notable differences in terms of the size of said development board and with reduced performance. But that is logical, because it is not about offering the same devices but one that adapts to other types of projects where so much power is not required and it does occupy a better space.

Well, if the Raspberry Pi Pico can be interesting for many projects, pay attention to this Lilygo alternative that includes its own screen and costs about ten dollars. That is, it is super cheap, at the level of options and performance it is practically on par and has that extra that can make it more attractive depending on what you want to do.

LilyGO T-Display technical characteristics

The LilyGO T-Display RP2040 It is a development board similar to the Raspberry Pi Pico, not in vain it is based on the Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040. Of course, this time there is an important difference and that is that it includes a screen with a resolution of 240 x 135 pixels as standard.

Right, the resolution of the small panel built into this development board is low, but you have to take into account the size of the device and that its price is only about 10 dollars. That is, there are basically no cost differences compared to the option of The Raspberry Pi Foundation and according to what type of projects it can save you a lot of work and some money by not having to look for any additional screen to install to display information or anything else. that you may need.

Regarding general characteristics, this board offers the following:

  • Dual ARM Cortex M0 + processor
  • 4MB flash storage
  • 1.14 inch IPS LCD color panel with resolution of 240 x 135 pixels
  • USB C connector
  • Battery holder

With options also to take advantage of the advantages offered by its GPIO pins, this can be a very interesting board for all those projects where the consultation of the operating status of the same or information that it can manage is necessary quickly and comfortably. Especially because it is a screen that, despite its size and resolution, displays information in color.

In addition, many of the accessories for the Raspberry Pi Pico can be used directly with it or through some small modification.

Some ideas to take advantage of the Raspberry Pi Pico

Looking at its hardware it is possible that if you do not have much experience with Raspberry Pi, you wonder what you can do with a proposal like the Raspberry Pi Pico or this LilyGO T-Display RP2040 in particular.

Well, both with the Raspberry Pi Pico and with this alternative with an integrated screen, the possibilities are many. For example, with these little development boards you can do projects like these.

MIDI controller

Mini retro emulator

Keyboard for custom shortcuts

Educational mini robots

Motion detection alarm

These are some examples, but as with the Raspbery Pi 4 that most of us know, this little board can also give a lot of play. It is true that, perhaps, it requires some extra knowledge to take advantage of its particular characteristics, but it is a matter of researching on specialized pages or looking for the many projects that other users share.

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