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In these technological times, every individual has the right to use digital services. But unfortunately, certain sections of society cannot access the technological advancements and aspects related to it.

Thankfully, however, the government is taking several steps to make people aware of their rights. One such step is the installation of the Affordable Connectivity Program or ACP program. It is generated by the professional government bodies for the low-income household so they can access the latest technologies such as wifi and other related services.

What Is An Affordable Connectivity Program?

Affordable Connectivity Program aims to benefit the deprived sections of society struggling in the modern world. It is designed by the government in the national interest and is operated by the Federal Communications Commission [FCC]. Through the program, the professionals are taking steps to make broadband services easily accessible and affordable for struggling low-income households.

The government launched the Affordable Connectivity Program on 31st December 2021. It was a replacement for the Emergency Broadband Benefit [EBB] program. An individual can avail of the benefits from the scheme subject to their eligibility. The professionals employed by the government bodies will check your official documents for eligibility.

Eligibility Criteria

The basic eligibility criteria for the Affordable Connectivity Program are mentioned below.

A household can avail of the benefits of the ACP program if they belong to the following criteria.

  • A household’s income is 200% of the federal property level or less.
  • The household members availing benefits from schemes such as WIC, Veterans and Survivors Pension benefits, Federal Public Housing Assistance, and Medicaid programs are eligible.
  • The individuals availing the benefits of the reduced price or free school lunch or breakfast program are eligible for the program.
  • Members who received the Federal Pell Grant during the current award year are also eligible for the scheme.

In addition, individuals living on the tribal lands and participating in the following assistance programs are also eligible.

  • Tribal head start [income based]
  • Food distribution program on Indian Reservations
  • Tribal TANF
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance

The eligibility for the ACP will be decided by professionals of USAC’s National verifiers and National Lifeline Accountability Database or some other government policies.

How Does It Benefit The Consumers?

Affordable Connectivity Program helps the users of the scheme in the following ways:

  • By providing them a dedicated FCC process for the queries and complaints.
  • The program allows the consumers to change the broadband services offered through the scheme according to their requirements.
  • It protects the households from the various financial burdens.
  • Customers enrolled in the scheme are not liable for any termination fees.
  • It protects the consumers from enrolling in expensive plans or low-quality packages to receive this program.
  • The program ensures that all the users have access to high-quality broadband services irrespective of their economic status.
  • It allows the users to choose the service plan that best suits their requirements and needs.


Most services are now available online because the world is going through a deadly virus infection. With technological advancements, every individual has the right to access the latest digital services for their benefit.

However, certain people still don’t have internet access and other broadband-related services as a result of their economic status. Hence the government launched the Affordable Connectivity Program so that they move with society in terms of development. The program allows users to choose the best broadband services for their households. It is one of the most empowering schemes for the deprived sections of society, and is aimed to minimize the knowledge gap that arises as a result of income disparity between various people.

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