A headset for PC, consoles or smartphone? See the Krom Kinear

It’s funny, but if we have seen any international gaming competition, any official and competitive tournament, just before playing the gamers settle in, try on the equipment and, of course, put on their headphones. If we have been observers we will see that first the in-ear are placed and later others on top of the headband, which are not headphones themselves, but external noise cancellers.

Why do they do this? Well, because apart from being better soundproof, they have the positioning of the in-ear headset closer to the inner ear and therefore the sound takes less time to arrive, the response is faster and the reaction will therefore be faster, providing an advantage to the player. . For this reason, Krom has designed gaming headphones for professional and amateur gamers that also have an integrated microphone and controls on the cable they carry.

Krom Kinear, in-ear headphones for maximum gaming

Anyone who is a real gamer knows what it is like to spend dozens of hours playing with headphones on your head. Over time and if they are not really very good we end up hurting the area where they rest as well as the ears due to the pressure exerted.

With the Krom Kinear we will not have that problem, since they are in-ear headphones, which has an impact on maximum comfort due to its ergonomic design with a resistant metal structure. In addition, to guarantee such ergonomics to the maximum, these Krom Kinear include three pairs of soft-touch silicone ear pads in different sizes in order to soundproof our ears as much as possible.


Logically, since they are in-ear headphones with a single driver per atrium, the sound they produce is stereo, which is by no means a negative thing (more than 90% of gaming headphones are). The quality is not measured in the number of drivers as such, but in the R&D arranged to achieve the best sound, for this reason, Krom has equipped these Kinear with two drivers of 8 mm that achieve surprising performance, as the frequency range extends from the 108 dB until the 3 dB.

The brand ensures that the sounds arrive in a balanced way and with an enviable quality, partly thanks to their design and shape. And it is that they are made of aluminum with a body that enhances the sound with a response frequency from the 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, with an impedance of 16 Ohm, not bad for sure.

Krom assures that these Kinear, as they are designed in highly resistant and durable metal, together with the alloy available in them, helps the sound to be transmitted through said headset, thereby achieving better definition, both in treble and midrange and even in bass.

A more than competent microphone


Team play has always been a fundamental part of gaming. If you are in a guild you will know it well, so communicating clearly and without interruptions is a fundamental part against the enemy. These Krom Kinear have a microphone with a diameter of 4 mm that achieve an impedance of only 2.2 kOhm, where the sensitivity is quite high when getting nothing less than -42 ± 3dB.

The brand assures that said microphone integrated in these in-ear headphones allows us to collect our voice clearly, with precision, where due to its multiplatform plurality when used on a smartphone to listen to our music or talk on the phone we can accept or receive calls thanks to its system Push to talk included in its multifunction button.

Of course, we can raise or lower the volume of the headphones, move the song forwards or backwards and put it on our clothes using a fastening clip for greater comfort. Ergonomics are completed with a reinforced cable of 1.2 mm that give these Krom Kinear great flexibility and resistance, which is optimal to avoid errors and above all so that in any bend they do not end up breaking inside, since the connection cable is always very thin and depends on the flexibility of the the outer structure.

Maximum compatibility with the main platforms


It goes without saying that being an in-ear headphones that connect with 3.5mm mini Jack we are without a doubt the most used standard for decades. This allows these Krom Kinear to be used on all major platforms today.

This includes of course:

  • PS4
  • PS5
  • Xbox
  • Nintendo switch
  • Laptops
  • Pc
  • Tablets
  • Smartphone

Without a doubt, you will not be left without using them, unless your table or smartphone does not have a clear 3.5 mm mini Jack, since the rest of the platforms do integrate it almost 100%. What is there to say about these Krom Kinear that we haven’t already said? Well, something very important to be a wired headset: the length of it.

Krom has equipped them with a cable of the highest quality as we have seen and that measures in total 1.2 meters, more than enough for any mortal and use. Weight could be a determining factor, since many users with certain, since for example, some of the most used in-ear headphones in the world are uncomfortable after hours of use precisely because of their weight and ergonomics.

There is no need to worry here as these Krom Kinear weigh only 15.8 grams, being one of the lightest headphones in the segment. Finally, how much do they cost and when will they be available? The brand has set a RRP of 14.90 euros with taxes already included in our country and will arrive in the middle of this month of September.

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