A Japanese youtuber teaches you how to build your own Akira motorcycle

No matter how many years pass, the passion for Akira does not stop The Japanese animated film has become a cult work, laying a very solid foundation for the ‘Cyberpunk’ concept and also influencing many science fiction works. And if we talk about AkiraWe can’t stop talking about the Kaneda’s motorcycle, which lately is even in Rosalía’s video clips. Many would love to be able to buy the gang leader’s futuristic vehicle, if only for its aesthetic appeal. Others do not dream of going to the dealership, but simply make it for them. It is the case of youtuber Japanese that we will talk about today, which teaches us how transform an ordinary motorcycle into Shōtarō Kaneda’s motorcycle.

Do you like Kaneda’s motorcycle? So you can make it yourself

More than one would not dislike seeing a spin off from Akira where only the motorcycle races against the clown gang were seen, that is, as fast and furiousbut on two wheels. Katsuhiro Otomo knew very well how to capture the attention of his audience with the first minutes of his animation work in which we saw Kaneda’s gang face off against clowns in crazy and dangerous motorcycle races through the streets of Neo-Tokyo. During the first few minutes of footage, the Shotaro Kaneda’s motorcycle, with their tacky stickers, are the focus of attention for anyone who likes the motor world. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are all kinds of models of said vehicle for fans of this film.

However, there are those who are not satisfied with the figurines. The youtuber Ayatowhich is something like the Japanese Vicesat, has decided create your own version of Kaneda’s bike. To do this, he has used his Yamaha Majesty 250, which has been completely disassembled down to the chassis. Later, he dedicated himself to designing the moldings for the motorcycle using cardboard in the purest style art Attack. Once he managed to find the correct piece, the craftsman proceeded to make the molding with fiberglass, to later paint it and place it on the skeleton of his motorcycle.

If you have time and desire, the entire process is documented

Ayato’s goal is for all his work to be documented so that every fan of Akira who wants to have his own version of Kaneda’s motorcycle can make it himself. The process is not easy at all, and the Japanese has been uploading videos for more than a year with the steps he is doing to complete his goal.

Also, Ayato’s work is not limited to aesthetics alone. There is a curious work of electronics behind this whole project. It has also ensured that the motorcycle can adapt its height just like in the animated feature film. However, the project is not yet finished, although seeing the progress, everything indicates that the Japanese is just a few weeks away from completing this ambitious transformation. Once it’s over, the clowns will be the least of Ayato’s problems, and he’ll have to face enemies who don’t mess around: the ITV technicians.

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