A jealous man killed his wife, got rid of her and organized his family ‘to look for her’

Jennifer was 27 years old, she was married and one day, out of nowhere, her husband rreported missing, so he organized with his sister and children to look for her throughout the city of Lampertheim, on Germany. What no one suspected was that the person responsible for his absence was right there, in full view of everyone.

The newspaper Bild reported that Patrick S., 27 years old, murdered his young wife hanging her to death on February 27 of this year. Once he saw that he was no longer breathing, he took the body out of the house and took it to the neighboring city of Biebesheim am Rhein; there, he hid it in some bushes and came back.

The Jennifer’s corpse, who dreamed of being a dancer, was found a few days later and her husband was arrested considering him the main suspect, despite the fact that he himself had reported the disappearance and even led a search party by the river rhine in the ‘hope’ of finding her alive.

And is that once he killed her, Patrick – who is a professional painter – took his wife’s phone and sent a message to his sister to tell her that he would go for a walk near the river.

He thought they wouldn’t suspect him

According to this medium, the man he believed that no one would suspect him if he was worried and desperate to find her, however, he did not take into account that had a history of hurting his young wife and when she disappeared, all eyes would be directed towards him.

Bild collected testimonies from the hearing of the case, which began on October 12, in which they affirmed that on January 8, 2020, Patrick disguised himself as a thief and entered his own house, there, stabbed Jennifer a couple of times before the gaze of her little son, who was then 5 years old.

The case was closed because Jennifer did not want to testify, but did admit that recognized her husband as the man who had entered to your house.

A year later, Jennifer was killed by her husband because she considered him to be extremely jealous and she already wanted to end the violent relationship; However, Patrick tore her life by strangling her until she stopped breathing, because believed if she wasn’t with him then she shouldn’t be with anyone.

Patrick did not plead guilty at hearingAlthough he is charged with the crimes of murder and injuries, however, he did acknowledge that he was a jealous person and that they had some marital problems, although he clarified that a day before his wife’s disappearance, she had decided to give him another chance.

With information from Bild


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