A judge dismisses the class action lawsuit for the “Flexgate” of the MacBook Pros

This was or rather is a problem that affects some 2016 MacBook Pro models in which the screens were defective due to a somewhat thinner cable than normal. In this case, a group of users got together to make a class action lawsuit, finally a Federal judge in a state of California has dismissed the complaint.

By your side Apple already officially announced some time ago that all those users affected with the so-called “Flexgate” problem would not have to pay for the repair. of the equipment, the warranty would cover the damage and would also be covered in the event of no warranty. Apple responded in its day but everything and with that some users got together to demand the signature and the judge has ended up dismissing it.

Any case the Flexgate problem that affected several MacBook Pro models during 2016 and 2017 was closed after Apple’s decision to repair these equipment at no cost to those affected, now a judge dismissed the lawsuit imposed by this group of users but leave the cause open to allow it to be modified. Plaintiffs must Include an argument demonstrating that the ‌Flexgate‌ problem was a security hazard.

Logically, the models manufactured after the detection of the problem were modified with a change in the design of this flex cable in the displayIn addition, as we said at the beginning, it launched a free repair program in May 2019 that covered the affected equipment.

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