a leaker makes the wrong Twitter account and reveals his identity

The world has changed a lot in the last 50 years. Previously, a leaker was a person who worked behind the scenes to bring down corrupt governments and seek justice. They literally risked their necks to make the truth known Today, the figure of the filter It has changed a lot, and we could say that it is something like a person who has a lot of followers on Instagram because he guessed that Reebok was going to release some Hamtaro shoes. There are video game, movie and even LEGO filters. It doesn’t matter what information you filter; If you want to be a great, the important thing is always remain anonymous. And at this point is where our protagonist of the day has failed.

Dan Allen marks a CathyVipi

Assassin's Creed

Though Assassin’s Creed is not experiencing one of its best moments due to the immeasurable overexploitation that Ubisoft has carried with this franchise, the truth is that there are still many people who religiously follow this saga and seek information on new titles, rumors and leaks daily. in this world, The Real Insider he had become the guru of the day. When The Real Insider spoke, almost all of his followers were clear that it was a insider really. How else was she going to get so many things right before her introduction? The Real Insider even bragged about his success, making threads in which he threw flowers at himself.

Prior to the latest Ubisoft event, The Real Insider published a multitude of details about the company’s new games. However, one of his threads has played a trick on him, because without realizing it, he has revealed that the character behind the mask is none other than the youtuber Dan Allen.

In the end, it was not so “insider”

The grace of all this is that it had been Ubisoft itself that had provided the information to the youtuber. Allen simply took advantage of his position to bypass the embargo signed with the French and making the information public under a pseudonym.

Twitter user image

@ggMikkael I don’t know if it’s a fullHP issue, but I’ll leave you here what happened out of mere curiosity with TheRealInsider so you have context xd, in short, Jason caught the insider, he was Adam and he was breaking contracts with an embargo with his multi-account.

September 19, 2022 • 22:38

Dan Allen was caught red-handed responding on his own thread. The youtuber he forgot to go back to his fake account, so he replied directly with his personal profile. Quickly, the clueless leaker tried to delete the tweet, but it was too late. The screenshots were already done, and in private Discord groups, many users began to connect the dots. Dan Allen’s channel was especially focused on Ubisoft contentwith publications even thanking the company for the trust.

He says he won’t do it again

Dan Allen has completely deleted The Real Insider account. The youtuber He has issued a statement in which he says he is quite sorry for what he has done. Apparently, he will take some time to reflect on his actions.

The youtuber He considers that he has disappointed all those who have followed him for years. He says that he will not do it again, but that is obvious, since neither Ubisoft nor no one will ever sign an NDA with this character again. On the other hand, Ubisoft does not seem to have commented on this issue.

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