A Look at the New NVIDIA Game Ready Drivers: Optimizations and More G-Sync Compatible Monitors

The new version of the NVIDIA Game Ready drivers is now available, identified as 497.09, and prepared to support the most important games that will hit the market in the coming days.

The list of new features that the NVIDIA Game Ready 497.09 drivers bring is very interesting, not only because they come with the necessary optimizations to enjoy a good experience with the most important titles of the moment, but also because they introduce support of global illumination generated by ray tracing, and DLSS of second generation, in ICARUS, and because they also expand the support of the G-Sync technology to six more monitors.

To install the new NVIDIA Game Ready 497.09 drivers we have two different options. The first is one of the most used, and consists of going to the official NVIDIA website dedicated to downloading drivers. You can get there directly by clicking on this link. Once there, you must choose the model of graphics card you have and the operating system you use. When you finish, click on “search now” and proceed to download the result that has appeared. The last step is run the downloaded file to start the self-guided installation process.

You can also get the new NVIDIA Game Ready 497.09 drivers through GeForce Experience. You just have to log in, check for updates and download them directly. This process is also very simple, since the installation is done in an automated way.

NVIDIA Game Ready 497.09: These are the news

As we anticipate, the new drivers released by NVIDIA come with numerous optimizations focused on the following games:

  • Farming Simulator 22.
  • Halo Infinite.
  • Inscryption.
  • Ruined King: A League of Legends Story.
  • Crab Game.

ICARUS is also another of the great beneficiaries of the new NVIDIA Game Ready 497.09 drivers, since they allow you to activate ray tracing focused on the global illumination (RTXGI), a technology that, in this title, uses what is known as “Infinite Scrolling Volumes”, a feature that allows the application of ray tracing in a balanced way, that is to say, without the demands on the hardware level being triggered, but without having to give up high graphic quality.

With “Infinite Scrolling Volumes”, high-quality global illumination is generated by ray tracing, covering both direct and indirect lighting, the rebounds of this and the changes that occur depending on each scene, and each situation. Nevertheless, that lighting is mostly focused on the player’s camera, which reduces the impact of this technology on equipment performance.

Lastly, NVIDIA has also confirmed that these new drivers enable supported G-Sync mode on a total of six monitors:

  • Dell G2722HS.
  • Dell G3223D.
  • Dell G2422HS.
  • LG 32PG750.
  • MSI G273.

I remind you that the compatible G-Sync mode improves the synchronization between the generated frames and the refresh rate of the monitor, which means that we can enjoy our favorite games without problems of “stuttering” or “tearing”. ยป(Rupture of the image). It can make a big difference, I attest to this, so much so that one of the best things I did recently was swapping my monitor for a G-Sync compatible model.

Remember that these new drivers are no longer compatible with GeForce GTX 700 graphics cards, based on the Kepler architecture, or with previous models. On a curious note, these drivers have confirmed the 12GB GeForce RTX 2060.

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