A look at the new X670E and X670 motherboards from GIGABYTE, MSI, ASUS, ASRock and BIOSTAR

AMD yesterday held a special event called “Meet The Expert”, where we had the opportunity to learn more about the keys to the AM5 motherboards with X670E and X670 chipsets. Those new boards will be the pillar on which the new ecosystem of high-performance Zen 4 processors will be built, and will succeed the current AM4 platform, although it is important to remember that the Sunnyvale company clearly said that it still had “a lot of life ahead of it”. ».

The AM5 platform will introduce a new socket, the LGA1718, and will mean the abandonment of the classic contact system based on a matrix of pins in favor of one based on gold-plated flat contacts. This is the same system that Intel has been using for years and generally has the advantage of being more robust and not affected by thermal expansion. This platform will also introduce other important innovations, such as support for DDR5 memory and compatibility with the standard PCIe Gen5.

During the event we had the opportunity to learn about some of the most important motherboards that will hit the market based on the X670E and X670 chipsets from manufacturers such as GIGABYTE, ASUS, MSI, ASRock and Biostar, and the truth is that both the designs and the construction qualities that these five greats have been able to achieve are hats off. The list of models is very extensive, so I invite you to click on the images to enlarge them and see the key features of the main motherboards of each manufacturer.

GIGABYTE X670E and X670 Motherboards

GIGABYTE showed a total of four new high-end and mid-high-end motherboards, which, ordered from highest to lowest rank, would look like this: X670E AORUS Extreme, X670E AORUS Master, X670 AORUS Pro AX and X670 AORUS Elite AX. The first two have a spectacular design and an excellent level of performance, although they all have a first-rate power supply system and can easily cover the needs of any user.

In the attached table we can find a complete list of specifications. The X670E AORUS Extreme has a power supply system of 18+2+2 phasesand the other three motherboards come with a system of 16+2+2 phases.

ASUS X670E and X670 motherboards

X670E and X670 motherboards

We jump to see what ASUS has presented, and we also find top-tier models that maintain the classic design language of the ROG line. The result is fantastic, and the build quality is not far behind. The Taiwanese company has confirmed that its top-of-the-range motherboard, the ROG Crosshair X670E extremeIt has a power supply system. 20+2 phases, while the HERO model will come with an 18+2 phase power supply system.

ASUS has also shared a detailed summary with some of the most important features of these new base plates, which you can see in detail by enlarging the attached images.

MSI X670E and X670 motherboards

X670E and X670 motherboards

MSI has not been left behind in its presentation either. The MEG X670E GODLIKE It is a spectacular motherboard with E-ATX format that is at the latest in features, and that includes a power supply system of 24+2 phases and 105A. The MEG X670E ACE is a simpler and cheaper version of the previous one, which will have a power supply system of 22+2 phases and 90A. Finally we have the MSI MPG X670E Carbon Wi-Fi, which will have a power supply system of 18+2 phases and 90A.

The first two will be accompanied by a M.2 Xpander-Z Gen5 Dual. In the attached images you can find a more complete summary of the specifications of each of these motherboards.

BIOSTAR X670E and X670 Motherboards

X670E and X670 motherboards

Its presentation has been more discreet, but there is no doubt that the BIOSTAR Valkyrie is a top-notch motherboard. This model has a sober and very discreet design if we compare it with everything we have seen so far, but it has everything we can expect from a motherboard of high-end, including superb build quality, and features a 22-phase, 105A power system.

ASRock X670E and X670 Motherboards

X670E and X670 motherboards

ASRock did not want to miss the event, although the Taiwanese company has already presented a good number of motherboards before the celebration of this event. The only important novelty was the ASRock X670E PG Lightninga model economic that it will be aimed at users with tighter budgets, and that, as we can see in the attached image, it has a fairly simple design that demonstrates that reality.

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