A MacBook Pro with a notch on the screen?

During the last hours, the Internet has been populated with rumors related to the MacBook Pro that, except for sidereal surprise, will be presented tomorrow at the Apple event (of which, of course, we will inform you in detail from MuyComputer). It is not something new, far from it, that there are rumors and leaks around the future launches of Apple devices, but in this case, I admit that he has taken me by surprise and that he has missed me very, very.

And yes, as you can read in the title of this news, for a few hours there has been a lot of talk about the possibility that the new MacBook Pro has a notch in the top center of the screen, a notch in the style of the one that accompanies the iPhone since version X, and that has given so much to talk about during these years. Can this be true or, on the contrary, we are faced with a nonsense that does not make any sense?

Given Apple’s interest in eliminating the notch in the iPhone, something that could finally happen with the iPhone 14, either by changing the notch for a perforation in the screen or with a camera under it, the natural thing is to think that the idea of ​​carrying this way of mounting the camera on MacBook Pro should not be very funny in Cupertino. And it is that, its simple presence, in addition to breaking the uniformity of the screen, It also complicates the use of the entire horizontal strip of the same in which the notch is located, forcing a redesign of the interface of both the operating system and the applications.

This, we can think, should have already been seen in some of the development versions of macOS, so that developers could start working on their adaptations. Nevertheless, we are talking about a space that is reserved in the operating system for the menu bar, so Apple could introduce some modification in it, so that elements are not displayed in the area of ​​the MacBook Pro screen where the notch is located.

And what would the MacBook Pro gain by adding the notch? In some conceptual designs that have been seen on the Internet, a screen occupying the entire front, with only a minimal bezel, it is certainly a very attractive image. However, these free creations have a trick, and that is that a very small notch is shown in the designs, which houses a single camera. However, that rivals another recurring rumor for years, the possible jump of Face ID from the iPhone to the MacBook Pro, which would lead to a larger notch.

What do you think of this rumor? Do you see it as possible or does it seem like a crazy possibility?

With information from MacRumors

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