A MacBook Pro with Apple Pencil. Will we see it soon?

MacBook Pencil

Don’t worry, we are very freaked out by the image. At the moment, it’s just the concept (quite realistic, by the way) from a designer who, based on a patent granted to Apple, imagines what a MacBook with Apple Pencil would look like and where it would be stored.

But perhaps instead of “inventing” a Touchscreen MacBook with Apple Pencil, Apple would have it much easier only by adapting macOS to the new iPad Pro with M1 processor, and problem solved, right ?.

Last week Apple was awarded a new patent in the US It details how it would be the incorporation of an Apple Pencil that would be removably housed in a MacBook keyboard. It would have some function both inserted in the laptop, and outside of it on the screen, as it happens with iPads.

And about this idea, the designer Sarang sheth has created a 3D concept of what this patent would be like that explains the possibility of housing an Apple Pencil in a MacBook. As you can see from the images, this new MacBook Pro would, of course, have touch gestures with the Apple Pencil on the screen while still maintaining a small Touch Bar for Siri and quick access to other applications.

MacBook Pencil

A MacBook has room to house an Apple Pencil and a small Touch Bar.

Craig Federighi It is not for the task of bringing the touch screen to Macs. He recently publicly commented that the Big Sur aesthetic was certainly inherited from the iPhone and iPad. The buttons are larger, with more space, and this led many users to think that it would make them perfect for finger manipulation, but Apple has no intention of putting touchscreens on Macs.

As I mentioned at the beginning, instead of thinking of a MacBook with a touch screen and Apple Pencil, what the company would have to do is simply adapt macOS Monterey to the new one. iPad Pro M1, and problem solved. We will see.

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