A memory problem in applications that affects macOS Monterey

RAM consumption

It seems that some users are reporting memory problems with applications running on macOS Monterey. In this sense and before I start showing what we read on websites like 9To5Mac about this problem, I have to say that I have installed macOS Monterey on my MacBook since the second day of launch and personally I do not have this problem that is mentioned here. It is possible that some of you happen to do so, it is important to be clear that it is not a widespread problem or so it seems.

A memory error that affects multiple applications

It does not matter if our team has the new M1 Pro, M1 Max, M1 processor or an Intel processor, this failure can reach any Mac and as they usually indicate it happens with the Mail or Final Cut Pro application, but it is not exclusive to these tools either, since it occurs in the apps that require more memory. Early tests indicate that this memory error may be directly related to the macOS Monterey operating system.

When does this error occur in memory? Well, everything indicates that it occurs at the moment that an app requires a large amount of memory. For this reason in the end it crashes and the error jumps. It is not something that can be avoided even with 64GB of memory since the same thing happened to some users with this amount of RAM. The comments in the 9To5Mac article focus on different apps and tools that end up causing this failure.

As I said at the beginning, it did not happen to me personally, but it is something that Apple will have to review almost certainly in the following versions of macOS. The top image shows really excessive and unusual memory consumption, but Nor is it an apparent reason to ask to close apps with a “Forced close” to avoid problem of use …

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