A mix between Zelda and Studio Ghibli style: this is Baldo

Baldo, an adventure in the style of Zelda and Ni No Kuni

When creating a new video game it is quite complex to do something completely new. There are already great classics that by mechanics, graphics or soundtrack will make many new features familiar. But calm, because really that is not bad if the bases for said inspiration are proposed as The legend of zelda or Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. This last game in turn has a strong component that comes from the hand of Studio Ghibli.

Well, Baldo: The Guardian Owls is the next role-playing adventure game that will debut at Apple Arcade next Friday, August 27. A game that we had been waiting for a long time, because as a proposal not only the genre is attractive for many players, but also for its visual and sound section.

This new game drinks from the Zelda bases, where you will have to interact with all kinds of elements to solve the different puzzles that will allow you to continue advancing in your objective; but also proposals such as Ni No Kuni when it comes to the graphic section and how much it will make you remember the animation of Studio Ghibli.

So take a look at the trailer first and then read on, because you might be interested in what we still have to tell you.

What do you think? Visually it is very powerful, right? This is due to the advantages that are currently offered when developing new games. In this case, use is made of the Unity graphics engine. Although this technology can only be used when you know what you are doing and in that the Naps Team development team (responsible for the game) demonstrate it.

Where to Play Baldo: The Guardian Owls

For all this, Baldo is not just another mobile gameIt really is the umpteenth confirmation that games for mobile devices and traditional consoles have long since ceased to exist. It is true that titles with a greater technical deployment and duration in hours are usually for traditional consoles, but that does not mean that both for iOS and Android they have proposals that they have nothing to envy.

Baldo will be one of them, although it will be exclusively for mobile phones through Apple Arcade, it can also be played on other platforms. And it is that the same day August 27th will also arrive for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

That is, wherever you want to enjoy this adventure you can do it. In addition, in the case of Apple devices, it can be done both with the help of a gamepad, a highly recommended option, but also by using the touch controls on the screen of your iPhone or iPad.

So, be that as it may, if you like games of this type, next Friday you should not miss this adventure that will offer between 50 and 100 hours of fun, with a main story and many mini missions for you to enjoy the story, of graphics and soundtrack.

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