a mysterious Nintendo console appears in an official document

A mysterious machine signed Nintendo appears in an official document from the British trade authorities. All eyes are on the Switch Pro, a console gamers have long awaited.

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So what is this mysterious censored terminal in the document from the Competition Market Authority (CMA), the British trade regulator? An unknown machine signed Nintendo is cited at the turn of a sentence.

On the occasion of its investigation into the takeover of Activision-Blizzard by Microsoft, the CMA published documents regarding market shares and how they are calculated. Nothing too transcendent at first glance, but one thing caught the eye of the WCCFTech site in the appendices.

The Switch Pro cited in a sentence?

It’s in a footnote in the part devoted to cloud gaming that the mysterious terminal makes its appearance. A passing mention that could have gone completely unnoticed:


“Nintendo Switch Online was excluded from our analyzes because the cloud gaming service is very limited. Nintendo’s cloud gaming service is only available on the Nintendo Switch as well as the [censuré] “.

What is this machine censored by the CMA? No response yet, only guesses. The most optimistic may see a mention of Switch Pro, or even a new console from Nintendo. The Switch is indeed slowly reaching its end of life and speculation is rife for the next console.

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More believable, it could be the Switch OLED, and this Mention crossed out would therefore be an error of the CMA, which would thus arouse the curiosity of the fans for not much. Anyway, this mention “censored” is very strange.

Since 2020, many rumors evoke the arrival of a Switch Pro, with a more powerful processor capable of displaying 4K docked or even support for DLSS. Rumors without follow-up for the moment, but this document will certainly put a piece in the machine.

Source : WCCFTech

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