A new 13-inch MacBook Pro is on the way

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

Sometimes I get the feeling that we are in the world upside down. If today we already told you that it seems certain that Apple will launch a 15.5-inch MacBook Air on the market, now it has been known that it is also preparing a 13-inch model but for the most advanced model, the MacBook Pro. Normally the smaller screens were left for the Air model, not because it was lower in quality, but because the concept of that terminal was very different from the Pro as was the use. But times change, even if it is only reflected on the screens.

If someone asked you about the differences between a MacBook Pro and an Air model, it was always easy to say that the second had less screen, weighed less, and its processing capacity was less than the Pro model, which was why it had that last name. But for everyday tasks an Air was always good and in fact it is the most requested by students, especially due to the weight characteristic.

Now with the new rumors that have arisen, things are going to change. At least when it comes to screen. Because the new rumors indicate that indeed, Apple is going to launch a MacBook Air model with the largest screen received. So much so that we went from the normal 13-inch to a 15.5-inch. And otherwise, Gurman, from Bloomberg, has indicated that evidence has been found that determines that Apple will release a MacBook Pro model with a 13-inch display, as if it were an Air.

This new 13-inch model is not expected to involve an external design change. In fact, a continuist line is expected. So much so that even expect it to house the M2 chip again and not the expected M3 that is supposed to be the logical evolution.

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