A new Apple Store opens in New York on September 24

Fans of the Cupertino-based company who reside in the borough of the Bronx in New York City, they will enjoy a new Apple Store. This new store, dubbed Apple The Mall at Bay Plaza, will open its doors on September 24, coinciding with the market launch of the iPhone 13.

This new store is located at 200 Baychester Avenue, will open its doors at 8 in the morning, local time (its usual hours will be from 10 in the morning to 9 at night) and it will probably be one of the busiest days of this year when it coincides with the launch of new products.

Apple announced the iPhone 13, a new iPad mini, and a refurbished iPad earlier this week and they will all be available for purchase. the same day the doors open from the store for the first time.

Buy on the first day of a store opening it can be a wonderful or catastrophic experienceIt all depends on the influx of people who come to the opening, those who are just browsing and those who are going to pick up their new iPhone. Let’s hope the store doesn’t suffer any setbacks on its big day.

Manzana has been accepting reservations for several days in this new store for the new devices that will hit the market this Friday, as well as to receive technical assistance. Apple also reminds customers that “health and safety measures may be in place depending on local conditions.”

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