A new build comes to Windows 11, with new Paint and many corrections

The new build 22468 of Windows 11 It is the new update available weeks for Insider users targeted within the Dev development branch, the most advanced and, at the same time, most unstable. If we meet the controversial requirements of this operating system (such as TPM 2.0), we will see this new build within Windows Update, and we can download and install it as if it were any other update.

This new build change the expiration date of it until September 15, 2022. This means that all users who use a previous compilation must update to it to continue using the operating system or, otherwise, on October 31 of this year they will cease to be able to continue to use this system.

Let’s see what’s new in this new compilation.

What’s new and changed in Windows 11 build 22468

This update focuses on correcting errors detected by users and Microsoft workers themselves, as well as applying a series of internal improvements within the system. In addition, at last, users can now enjoy the new Paint, leaked a while ago, in this new OS.

New Paint Windows 11

From now on, by clicking on a VPN connection Within the VPN settings we can see information about the connection.

A new option, highly requested by users, has also been added that allows you to disable the preview of recent searches when you hover the mouse over the search icon on the taskbar.

Fixed bugs

This new build also has corrected a significant number of bugs and errors in the operating system. Let’s see them.

  • Taskbar
    • Mitigated a rare error caused by loading the network icon.
  • Search
    • Improved stability when displaying the floating window above the search icon in the taskbar.
    • If we navigate on the search icon in the taskbar using the keyboard, now it always avoids showing recent results.
    • The options that appear when you right-click on certain applications, such as Word, should now work.
  • File Browser
    • When you right-click on OneDrive in the browser, the context menu will not disappear when selecting some options such as “Open with”.
    • Double-clicking on a network drive will open it instead of pinning it to the taskbar.
  • Entry
    • Fixed some bugs that caused some kaomoji (╯ ° □ °) ╯︵ ┻━┻ not to be displayed.
  • Settings
    • When updating, the mic input settings should be kept.
    • Fixed a bug that made some drives not appear in the defragment and optimize section.
  • Others
    • Fixed an issue that prevented some computers pointed within the MDM from not being able to update.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Edge to flash unexpectedly.
    • Mitigated a display-related issue that was causing some Insider to see an increase in bug checks.
    • The Windows Update icon on the taskbar no longer appears and disappears for no reason.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Wi-Fi to stay off and not work when going to sleep.
    • Mitigated an issue with certain devices that could cause the PC to freeze.

Although these fixes are from Windows 11 Insider build 22468, Microsoft indicates that some of them may reach users in the form of cumulative patch after launch of the operating system on October 5.

Bugs pending fix in build 22468

In addition to the bug fixes, Microsoft has updated the list of bugs to fix.

  • general
    • When upgrading from a build, some users may see a warning that this is a Flight Signed build. In this case, we must press the “Enable” button, restart the PC and try again.
    • Some users report issues related to screen timeouts and PC sleep. These problems are being investigated.
  • Beginning
    • Sometimes it is not possible to enter text when searching from the start menu or the taskbar. If this happens to us, we must open the “Run” window by pressing Windows + R, close it and continue as normal.
  • Taskbar
    • The taskbar sometimes flickers when switching screens.
    • The notification center sometimes does not start.
  • Seeker
    • Clicking on the search icon may not open it. If it happens, we must restart explorer.exe.
    • The search panel may appear black without displaying any content.
  • Widgets
    • The widget board may appear empty. We can easily fix it by closing and reopening it.
    • Some widgets may appear the wrong size when using external monitors.

The watermark that appears on the desktop after installing this Insider build is normal.

Should I install this update?

If you are thinking of trying Windows 11, and finding out everything that the operating system offers us, unfortunately, you are not on the right track. This update, like all those that arrive from now on, belong to the development branch RS_PRERELEASE, which does not coincide with the Windows 11 experience that will come to all of us on October 5, 2021.

This new update is only intended so that the more adventurous users can try the latest news and fixes that Microsoft has implemented. But assuming all kinds of bugs and problems that may appear during testing.

Furthermore, Microsoft indicates that these new features do not pertain to any specific version of Windows. This means that some of these novelties could reach the Windows RTM version 11 through a cumulative update released on October 5, as indicated in the list of fixed bugs.

The best thing, if we do not want to have problems with Windows 11, is to wait for its final version on October 5, leaving aside the Insider channel.

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