a new electric model will land with more autonomy in 2024

According to information published by the Electrek site, Mini is preparing to give a second life to the electric Mini Cooper SE in 2024. This new variant will be available with two different batteries, 40 kWh and 54 kWh. The idea here is to offer more autonomy and to erase the main flaw of the brand’s first electric car.

Credits: Mini

While Volkswagen recently presented its redesign of the ID. 3 scheduled for launch in 2023, it’s Mini’s turn to unveil its plans for this year. According to our colleagues from the specialized site Electrekthe British brand counts give a second youth this year to the Mini Cooper SEhis very first electric car.

Scheduled for a launch towards the end of 2023this new edition would be offered with two batteries and two different engines, namely 40 and 54 kWh and 184 and 218 hp. A significant improvement, since the original Mini Cooper SE has a 32.6 kWh battery, with a 184 hp engine.

Between 300 and 400 km of autonomy for the new Mini Cooper SE

While official EPA cycle range estimates aren’t yet available, we can take a look at the batteries advertised on a range of 300 or 400 km of range in the WLTP cycle.

If these figures are proven, Mini would therefore erase one of the main faults of the Mini Cooper SE: its low autonomy. And yes, remember that the electric city car offers only 234 km of autonomy in the WLTP cycle. A real black spot, especially for an electric car offered from €37,400.

mini cooper SE 2023
Credits: Mini

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Some novelties on the design side

In addition, this reissue of the Mini Cooper SE would also benefit from some design tweaks. If the length of the city car will remain the same, namely 3.8 meters, this model would be equipped with larger wheels, new lights and a longer wheelbase to provide more space on board.

As for the price of this new Cooper SE, the mystery remains. Given the improvements made in terms of autonomy and motorization, it’s a safe bet that the bill will be higher, with prices around €40,000. As a reminder, the director of Mini Stefanie Wurst confirmed during an interview with Autocar that a sporty and electric version John Cooper Works was planned for mid-2025, with an announced power of 250 hp (and still the same 54 kWh battery).

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