A new Half-Life will arrive at the end of the year (but not the one you imagine)

At the end of 2021, rumors strongly returned that Valve would have resumed the development of a hypothetical Half-Life 3, a game many fans have been waiting for practically since 2006. The news was leaked by Tyler McVicker, founder of Valve News Network, that is, a insider. Today, a few months later, we know that during this year 2022, we are going to see a new Half-Life project which is currently in development. And no, sadly, it’s not Half-Life 3.

Half-Life joins RTX On

Lovers of sequels will have to wait, because a third of the shooter it remains only part of popular rumor mill. However, a modder known as sultim_t has set out to create a version of Half-life with light ray tracing support, i.e. with rendering making use of technology Ray-Tracing.

The project of this modder was born from a previous attempt with the video game Serious Sam 1, to which he managed to successfully implement the technology. Nevertheless, Serious Sam 1 it was not his first try, because he was encouraged with that title after failing for the first time with Half-life. Now with much more experience, the programmer has succeeded in implementing hardware-accelerated real-time ray tracing. Thanks to this, the Half-life original, from the year 1998, it looks really spectacular. The changes you have made to the classic allow you to calculate the global illumination, all kinds of reflexes, the refraction of light and overlapping of shades with a really impressive level of detail, as well as visual effects enhancements and a variable frame rate.

The project is in process, although sultim_t has not been slow to publish a teaser of some of his trailers on his YouTube channel. The video is really short, it barely lasts a minute, but it gives you time to compare your mod with some sequences from the original game so we can draw our own conclusions about the work the modder has done.

We will see it in 2022

Regarding the launch, in the video he announces that we will be able to see it throughout this year 2022 for Microsoft Windows, and that the playable version of the game will be uploaded as a mod to its repository GitHub. We assume that you will have to have the game on Steam legally to make use of the modification, at the same time that you will have to have a computer with a graphics card that supports this latest light trace rendering technology, something complicated if we take into account how the stock is doing in the market.

Rockstar Games should take note

Projects like this remaster from sultim_t demonstrate the community importance modder in the world of video games. Many companies persecute these types of users, who perform work practically on a voluntary basis, trying to contribute their grain of sand to those titles that they value for being mainly the first ones they played in their childhood. This mod shows that classics never die, and surely more than one fan is looking forward to finally releasing that full version of the mod to get vitiated again like in the old days.

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