A new leak confirms that the Apple Watch Series 7 will come in 45mm

Apple Watch Series 7 concept

During the day yesterday, a series of rumors jumped to the fore about the possibility that the next Apple Watch series 7 would come in two new sizes. 41 and 45 mm. Apparently it is already taken into account as more than a rumor. A new leak seems to confirm the size of 45 And it will be necessary to take it into account in addition to the new more square design similar to that of the iPhone 12.

UnclePan released to the world the possibility that the next Apple Watch would come in two larger sizes. Not much more, a millimeter more. Now again, it is confirmed, but with another rumor. At the moment there is nothing official. But it is already known that the more rumors arise about the same thing, in the end it seems that it becomes reality. Many times I think that Apple does things taking into account the level of rumors.

The fact is that an image has been leaked in which the inscription 45 mm is seen, alluding to the size of the new box. The image comes from DuanRui, who can be considered “sometimes reliable.” The user shared an image of what it looks like on Twitter Apple Watch Leather Loop. However, instead of 44mm, this watch strap is labeled 45mm.

Now UnclePan also said that Previous versions of the Apple Watch will continue to be compatible with the new design of the Apple Watch Series 7. That is why this image and information is considered a rumor. But as we said before, the more rumors are said about the same subject, the more chances they have of coming true.

To clear up doubts and the only weapon against rumors, is time. When the Apple event takes place, we will officially clear up doubts and see if we have the 45 mm Apple Watch.

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