A new MacBook Air with M3 could arrive later this year

M3 chip for Mac

Even with the hangover from the presentation of the new MacBook Pro and Mac mini models, through a press release, we did not stop. The rumors are back with force. They come back to tell us that it is more than likely that by the end of this year, we will have a new Mac model. From what we have been able to read, it will be the Air model that has not been renewed for too long, so it is likely that we will have improvements inside but not outside.

In June of last year, we witnessed the renewal of one of Apple’s most iconic computers. the MacBook Air, was partly improved on the outside. But especially inside with the new chip. Of course, the rumors continue to grow. They say that it is very likely that at the end of this year we will again be lucky to have a new model. much better thanks to new M3 chip. This would be the fastest improvement when it comes to Macs, because we already know that for other devices we get a new model every year, but for Macs, we don’t.

This rumor comes from DigiTimes, hinting at this likely improvement because the supply chain is apparently focusing on ramping up production of the next MacBook Air. If we add to this that they are already being produced in more new 3nm chipswe have as they say, the perfect storm.

We can question this rumor. Especially since the new ones have just appeared on the scene. M2 Pro and M2 Max. ANDThese must be a period of time in the market to be profitable. That’s why I’m surprised that at the end of this year we even have a new chip. but from Apple I already expect anything.

Only time will say if this rumor is meaningless or if the contrary, we will see a new Air model.

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