A new Metal Gear Solid bug brings speedrunners to life

More than 2 minutes of road saved

Metal Gear Solid

It is just what has happened to Metal Gear Solid, Kojima’s classic for the original PlayStation that until a few days ago had set the world speedrun record at around 38 minutes in easy mode, and which has now been reduced to 36 minutes thanks to a bug found by chance by the streamer Silly. Our protagonist was streaming Metal Gear Solid, and when she proceeded to complete the communications tower area, she ran into an event that she did not expect.

Right when you get to the level 6 gate, was attacked by the soldiers of the tower. And he saw how Snake was able to get through the door after being shot by his attackers. This displacement of the character allowed him to avoid the scene of the helicopter attack, which forces the player to fully climb the tower and descend the wall with a rope to reach that other side that is reached with the trick discovered by Boba.

A casual bug

You only have to take a look at the video of the broadcast to verify that the discovery was completely accidental and unintentional, something that allowed the player to advance the game enormously in an extremely fast way. And of course, those details are music to the ears of speedrunners.

Research Cabinet

After becoming popular on the networks, Boba’s gameplay began to be shared on forums and Discord channels of speedrunners, who did not hesitate to study the situation to understand exactly what had happened in front of the door of level 6. The solution was simpler than what to expect, as the attack by the soldiers sent Snake backward, through the locked door.

With the secret uncovered, there are many who have put to work to take advantage of the bug, and there are already several records that have been pulverized with this new shortcut. The most interesting thing is that the technique is being debugged, since the user SolidTony he has managed to penetrate it with the explosion of a chaff grenade placed by himself, so he did not have to wait for the soldiers to attack.

Now it only remains to know if there will be any other door that can benefit from this trick, since if they exist, the times could be reduced even more. Anyway, who would want to lose the 36 game minutes that are currently established? Metal Gear Solid is a game to enjoy! Speedrunners are sure not to have the same opinion.

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