a new “persistent and evolving” online game

Jade Raymong’s studio unveils its first project, which is none other than an evolving online game for PlayStation consoles.

This is the second that we have been presented with in a few days. After the announcement of a new online game from Sony’s London studio, it’s the turn of Haven Entertainment Studios, the studio founded by Jade Raymond, to unveil its first project since its creation in March 2021. Supported by Sony from the off, it’s obvious that his next game is being developed specifically for PlayStation consoles. Here is the first information about it.

We owe these early details to the Canadian newspaper The duty, to whom Jade Raymond and her associates gave an exclusive interview. They then explain that initially, Sony asked to see several game projects from the studio, before leaving on the one that the firm would prefer. It was after this selection phase that the development of this already promising first franchise began.

Little information at this stage of development

In the facts, The duty reports that it will be an online game ” persistent and evolving ” in the manner of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, produced by Ubisoft. There is no doubt that Jade Raymond’s experience within Ubisoft Toronto itself will have influenced this creative choice. For the moment, no details concerning the gameplay have been revealed, we simply know that the title should take advantage of the technologies of the PS5, among others.

Indeed, if Jade Raymond declares that ” our ambition will be to further push the technical capabilities of the console “, Paola Jouyaux, co-founder of the studio, explains: “ we will have the opportunity to work with people at Sony who are among the best in the world in their field. This will allow us to create the best quality games. »

Many games to come

And the studio does not intend to stop there. Following the presentation of the three projects requested by Sony, it turns out that those left aside may also be of interest to the firm, although Haven wishes to do things in order, and start one project at a time. In addition, this online game is added to the very mysterious list of service games that Sony plans to release in the coming years.

Indeed, not long ago, we learned of the giant’s ambition to offer 10 new service games within the next 4 years, a great ambition of which we do not know much at the moment. However, Haven, the recently acquired Bungie, the London Studio or even Naughty Dog, which is working on a multiplayer title inspired by The Last of Uswill certainly be there.

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