A new problem appears with the Studio Display


It is clear that no one in this world is perfect. Not even Apple, although some think otherwise. A company that, although it does not want to, from time to time also makes mistakes, like the rest of mortals. with the screen StudioDisplay, already has three. Rare, rare…

The first that was detected as soon as the screen was released were the problems with the integrated webcam. The second, problems when updating the device. And now, sound problems. Unforgivable in a monitor of almost 2,000 Euros.

Some users of Apple’s shiny new monitor, the Studio Display, are reporting on social media and industry forums that they have problems hearing sound through the monitor speakers.

The good news is that Apple has acknowledged the problem, and you already have it located. It is not a physical failure of the speakers, but a software problem. The bad news is that you haven’t found the solution yet. But don’t worry, those from Cupertino will achieve it, and it will be solved with a future update.

The sound stops

Affected users explain that for no apparent reason, and only from time to time, while they are playing sound through the Studio Display’s speakers, the Studio Display stops, and nothing is heard anymore. And then when you play a song or a sound again, after a few seconds it stops being heard.

This error only occurs when the Mac plays the sound through the Studio Display. So it is clear that the problem comes from the monitor. Moreover, Apple has already confirmed it. The company has assured that it is a software problem, and is working on fixing it with a future update of the monitor’s software.

It’s already him third mistake which is attributed to the Studio Display. First, the failures of the webcam that it incorporates. The second, the problems that some users had to update the software of the monitor, and now the sound failure. A monitor that has started off on the wrong foot, without a doubt.

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