a new tool will allow you to improve the quality of your old videos

Microsoft has unveiled Video Super Resolution (VSR), an “experimental” video upscaling feature for its Edge web browser that uses machine learning to increase the resolution of low-quality videos.

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Microsoft is rolling out a new “Video Super Resolution” (VSR) feature for its Edge browser, but unlike Nvidia’s recently announced RTX Video Super Resolution, Microsoft’s works with AMD graphics cards.

The experimental feature is coming to Microsoft’s Edge browser as a beta in the Canary channel. She promises to sharpen images and add clarity to grainy low definition videos using AI algorithms. For this, the GPU of a computer will be put to use.

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Edge will turn your old videos into HD content

Once activated, the function allows you to scale videos on edge browser, including those from YouTube and other streaming services. Note, however, that AI technology will only work if the definition of the video is lower than 720pbut not less than 192 pixels in width or height.

Also, it only works for video content that is not DRM-protected (PlayReady or Widevine). So it may not work for sites like Netflix or other streaming services. Finally, it is imperative that your computer is connected to the mains for the feature to be activated.

Microsoft confirms that all RTX models (20, 30 and 40 series with Tensor cores) and Radeon RX 5700-7800 series will support this technology. Currently, VSR only works on graphics cards, but Microsoft says it’s working on a hybrid GPU solution for laptops that will automatically switch between integrated graphics (iGPU) and others when using Edge.

The feature is currently available in the Canary channel for 50% of users and will be enabled when the above conditions are met. If you are eligible, an HD icon in the address bar will appear. By clicking on this icon, you can activate or deactivate the function.

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