A new version of Ubuntu arrives, the Linux that you should NOT install

Beyond Windows, users who want a faster, more private and stable operating system often go for Linux. This system is positioned as one of the main alternatives to Windows, increasingly popular given the problems with which Windows 11 has arrived on the market. But, within this ecosystem, we can find a large number of different editions, what we know as Linux distributions, each with a number of features to suit most users. And one of the best known is Ubuntu.

Ubuntu has been, for many years, one of the best Linux distros, an excellent entry point for those users who had no experience with this OS, and a stable and robust system for the most demanding users. However, Canonical (the company responsible for the development of this system) has been making bad decisions for years and going against the community, which has made this system not only in decline, but also not a recommended option for most users. the users.

Last April, Canonical launched Ubuntu 22.04LTSa version that did not bring anything new or worth updating, but that, at least, offered users 5 years of support and maintenance, so if we installed this system, we could forget about it for a while. Yesterday the new version of this system arrived, 22.10, which arrives, again, with hardly any news, but, this time, with support that is truly embarrassing, as usual in non-LTS versions.

What’s new in Ubuntu 22.10

The first of the novelties that we find in this version of Ubuntu is the presence of the desktop Gnome 43. This version of the desktop has upgraded some applications to GTK4, changed the default text editor and terminal, and removed a book application, Books. Along with the new desktop, this new version of Ubuntu mounts the Linux Kernel 5.19another nonsense considering that we can already install version 6.0 of it, thus making the distro obsolete since its launch.

Finally, new versions of some applications (such as Firefox and LibreOffice) have been installed, as well as many of the system packages. We can see the complete list of novelties in this link.

This version will only receive updates until July 2023. Therefore, if we are thinking of installing it, we must bear in mind that, in 6 months, when 23.04 comes out, we will have to install it yes or yes. And the same with all the following ones, since a new version with 5 years of support will not arrive until April 2024.

What Linux do I install?

Canonical is killing Ubuntu, there’s no doubt about it. Keeping the 9 month support for each version is absurd, having other options like the Rolling Release updates. In addition to including advertising, and seeking the benefit of the company by collecting data, this distro only brings bad things to Linux. And, despite having been the best years ago, today it is better to run away from it.

There are many other much better Linux distros out there today. If we don’t have much experience with this system, distros like MX Linux or Linux Mint are two excellent options, with infinitely better support, and maintained by a real community, which will allow you to discover everything that this system brings us. And, if we already have some experience, we can bet on the most purist systems, such as Debian, Manjaro or Arch Linux.

Ubuntu is finished. Now it’s just a matter of knowing how long Canonical is going to keep you dying.

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