a new way to buy train tickets arrives

This new feature, currently only available on Spain, Germany, Japan and the United States, allows us to use the search engine to search for train routes in these countries using natural language. For example, if we want to go from Alicante to Madrid, we only have to enter the terms “from Alicante to Madrid by train”.

If we do not set a date, by default, the search results will correspond to the date we are on, a date that we can change. In addition, to further filter the results, it allows us to establish the time we want to travel: morning (from 6 to 12), afternoon (from 12 to 18), night (from 18 to 0) or early in the morning (from 0 to 6).

Along with the departure time and expected arrival time of each train, the total trip duration, if the journey is made directly or if we must make a transfer, along with whether it is a high-speed train or if it is a low price rate. In addition, and for this function to be useful, it also shows the price of each of the projects.

Google train tickets

If we click on the drop-down arrow that is just to the right of the price, we can see the train number along with the route of each of the transfers, if applicable, along with the total time. Right at the end of all the information that is displayed, if we click on Buy ticket in Renfethe Renfe website will automatically be displayed with the route established to make the purchase.

We cannot skip this step and we have no choice but to go through the Renfe website yes or yes, but at least we avoid having to browse their website to find the train that best suits our needs in a much more efficient way. simple and intuitive, especially when we are not used to using it.

The price of the ticket is exactly the same as if we search for the routes on the web, so Google does not keep any commission, unlike other web pages that are advertised on Google and that allow us to buy train tickets for any destination.

also with buses

Google has taken advantage of the announcement to state that, in addition to the new option to buy tickets from Google, a new option will soon be added that will also allow buy bus ticketsan option that at the moment we do not know when it will be available, but that will be extremely useful for users who regularly use this means of transport since, unlike the train, the number of companies to travel by bus from any city is much more high.

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