A OnePlus Nord CE explodes, the law of series continues

While several OnePlus Nord 2 have already gone up in smoke, causing serious injuries to their owners, another device from the brand has exploded in India. This time it is a OnePlus Nord CE. Fortunately, no injury is to be deplored in this case.

Credits: 91Mobiles

Definitely, the black series of OnePlus continues. For several months, the brand has been at the center of a rather serious controversy. Indeed, several copies of OnePlus Nord 2 went up in smoke in India, in some cases causing serious burns to their owner.

Indeed, a first device exploded in a user’s pocket during a bike ride in August 2021. At the time, OnePlus released an official statement after the accident: “Our top priority is the health and safety of our customers. We contacted the affected user immediately after hearing about this incident and initiated a thorough internal investigation. The results indicate that the damage to this device was caused by an isolated incident involving external factors and not by a manufacturing or product problem. However, we remain in close contact with this user and have offered our support to address their concerns and ensure their well-being ”.

OnePlus Nord CE explosion
Credits: 91Mobiles

OnePlus: another exploded smartphone business to its credit

Just a month later, another OnePlus Nord 2 found itself in flames for no apparent reason. Injuries are to be deplored and the user has decided to file a complaint against the manufacturer. In November 2021, a young boy was seriously burned on his right leg after his smartphone exploded. One of the victim’s family members then ensured that he was in permanent contact with the builder. Only, the manufacturer had not yet cracked an official statement on these multiple incidents.

And while we thought this black series definitely behind OnePlus, we learned that a OnePlus North CE in turn exploded in India. Fortunately, the owner was not injured during the incident, and he further claims that OnePlus contacted him promptly (which may explain why his tweet was deleted to avoid bad publicity) to offer to replace his device. “Thank you all for your support. Yesterday at 8 p.m., the OnePlus team called me and promised that they would send a new device by Tuesday ”, could be read in a tweet deleted from the victim.

Source: 91Mobiles

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