A patent shows us a MacBook Pro with wireless charging

Patent of a MacBook Pro with wireless charger

Apple files many patents throughout the year. It is the result of the studies and research of its engineers and some of them come to fruition. This one that we bring you now, is one of those that we would like to see in reality. Apple thinks it would be a good idea to create a MacBook Pro with a part that acts as a wireless charger and with those we could charge the iPhone for example. But it is that he also thinks and establishes that this same MacBook Pro could have a trackPad that is used as a space to draw with the hand.

Not all Apple patents become reality, but as we said, this one that we bring you is one of those that should be part of our day to day. Apple envisions a MacBook Pro with a wireless charging slot and a trackpad intended to be used for tactile hand-drawing.

Patent: Wireless charging space in the MacBook Pro

This newly released patent, we could say that It is the continuation of others launched and presented previously. In the patent itself entitled “Device having an integrated interface system” 152 previous US patents and 66 foreign patents are directly cited. Within all this amalgam, four previous Apple patents with the same name are specified.

What Apple expresses is the possibility of using all the space that remains aside from the keys and the trackpad so that we can support an iPhone and thus be able to start wireless charging. In 2018 when a patent dreaming of this utility was first filed, it was not clear if it would ever be seen. However, it seems that now, four years later, it is quite feasible. You just have to specify and see how to take advantage of that space that is free to fit that iPhone and be able to start charging.

The touch trackpad can be a reality

touch pad

This is another of Apple’s ideas that are reflected in this patent. The possibility of being able to have within our reach a trackpad that incorporates the possibility of being tactile on its entire surface and with this we can carry out tasks with it by hand. For that, it is important that the company has thought about whether it is supporting the palms of the hands on this surface and with what intensity. If you hold down, the MacBook Pro registers it and doesn’t react to every slight touch or movement. If you don’t have your palms flat on it, then the surface may very well change to respond to the smallest movements it detects.

Literallyit is stated in the patent:

Can be integrated with multiple sensors, including touch and force sensors, which can detect various types of inputs applied to various regions of an input surface. In some cases, the integrated interface system can also be used to detect gestures and multi-touch input applied to the keys of a mechanical keyboard, allowing the keys and keyboard region to function as a trackpad.

It may all sound the same as what we have right now, but the best thing is that does not need to function as a normal trackpad, and does not need to be in the same position as the current ones. If any part of the surface can be turned into a trackpad, part of it can be used for drawing.

that is, youAll the surface where there are no keys and where the normal trackpad would be, could be used as a wireless charger and as a trackpad for drawing.

Now we go a little further because Apple has thought of everything. Have you thought of a device that can iinclude accelerometers, temperature sensors, position and orientation sensors, biometric sensors…And a long etcetera.

Therefore, and being a continuation of other patents, we can expect this to become a reality…or not. At least I, yes I would like to see a Macbook Pro with these characteristics. It would be more than a computer and it’s funny because that’s what I think Apple aspires to: To have a device that is like a Swiss Army knife.

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