a personalized connected ring developed by a French start-up

The principle of health monitoring rings is attractive: they are less bulky objects than bracelets or connected watches, but so far very few manufacturers have succeeded in developing a satisfactory product. The French start-up Circular wants to try its luck.

Announced before CES, the Circular Ring aims to monitor the user’s health on a daily basis with complete discretion. The young French shoot has paid particular attention to miniaturization and design, which allows the ring to truly resemble a ring, and not a device that clutters the finger.

Interchangeable cases for all occasions

The Circular Ring revolves around the idea of ​​interchangeable cases that offer almost endless customization, depending on its style and for each occasion. The ring is made of a biocompatible and hypoallergenic resin. It is of course also available in different sizes.

Beyond the aesthetic aspect, the Circular ring incorporates several sensors that allow it to monitor blood oxygenation, heart rate and skin temperature. A vibrating motor allows the Ring to communicate with the user. The autonomy of the ring is 4 days with 60 minutes of charge. It stores up to 22 days of physical readings.

Credit: Circular

It is the mobile application, which connects to the ring via Bluetooth, which is responsible for using the data. We will be able to visualize trends and progress, and also benefit from personalized advice to improve health and sleep, one of the points put forward by the manufacturer. An “energy score” is also calculated to compare your results day after day.

For the moment, Circular is not announcing a price or even an availability date. But a first batch should be sold via Indiegogo, probably in the wake of CES.

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