a photo sensor and a zoom never seen before

The iPhone 14 Pro should arrive within a year, but the first rumors about it are already starting to circulate.

While the iPhone 13 has just been released just a few months ago, information about its successor is already flooding the web. Thus, in his latest report, the famous analyst of the apple brand Ming Chi Kuo gave more information on the characteristics of the future iPhone 14. If the photo sensors had already attracted the attention of rumors in 2021 with the iPhone 13, which redesigned them, the iPhone 14 also will have the right to significant changes in its optics.

Still according to the analyst’s report for TF international Securities, the main sensor of the iPhone 14 Pro – this novelty should be limited to the Pro and Pro Max models – will be entitled to 48 Mpx. A big leap forward when we know that Apple currently only offers 12 Mpx on its most powerful iPhones.

Pixel binning is coming to iPhone

Such a capacity should be made possible by the arrival of the pixel binning. This feature, which has already arrived on many Android models, makes it possible to have an intelligent sensor which “merges” several pixels close together. This allows for example the Samsung S21 Ultra to offer a 108 MP sensor which renders an image of only 12 Mpx. Korean having merged 9 pixels into one.

The arrival of this new technology on the main sensor of the iPhone should also allow it to film in 8 K. This is impossible for the moment with an iPhone, which was limited to 4K. Kuo explains that these videos will be available for viewing on Apple’s AR / VR headset, which is slated for release in the coming months.

10x zoom, in the same device

In addition to this new sensor, always more powerful, Kuo sees further into the future of Apple and ensures that the next iPhones, scheduled for 2023, should have the right to a periscope lens. This should pave the way for considerable optical zoom. The arrival of this optic should make it possible to obtain this zoom while maintaining a size and a compact design on the back of smartphones.

Apple would not be the first brand to offer such a novelty, it has already seen the light of day at Huawei with the P40 pro + which already offers a x10 optical zoom thanks to a periscope lens. Today the best performing iPhones when it comes to zooming are the iPhone 13 Pro, but they are limited to x3 optical zoom.

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