A photographer recovers his stolen equipment valued at 7,000 Euros thanks to the AirTag

All Apple fanboys have bought one or more AirTags “just in case”. But with the strange feeling of having bought yourself an Apple device in the hope of never having to use it.

That’s what happened to an Australian photographer. Two bags were stolen from his car, with electronic equipment from his work. Cameras and laptop valued at about 7,000 euros. Luckily, I had an AirTag hidden in each of the bags. She notified the police, and thanks to Apple trackers they located the stolen luggage, with all the equipment still inside.

The truth is that as soon as the AirTag came on the market, without hesitation I bought a pack of four. One for each member of my family. It is a fairly cheap accessory, and that can get you out of more than one hurry. So far, in almost a year of use, only my youngest son (quite clueless, by the way) has had to use it several times to find the house keys. If he had really lost them, just making new copies or changing the house lock for one with a different key would already have cost me more than the 35 euros what it costs

That’s why Apple designed the AirTag. Much has been said about its misuse to spy on people, and the company is doing everything possible to prevent it. A manufacturer of axes to chop wood cannot prevent someone from killing a person with one of those tools. And said manufacturer evidently does not have the guilty crime.

The stolen bags were in the same hotel

A good example of its good use is the news that has appeared today in the industry media. An Australian photographer has been able to recover his work equipment that had been stolen this weekend worth 7,000 Euros. Thanks to two AirTags that he had hidden in the two stolen bags. Almost nothing.

Graham Tait, a photographer from Sydney, Australia, was traveling for work when more than 7,000 Euros of cameras, lenses and a laptop were stolen from his car that was parked in his hotel car park.

Lucky for Tait, I had an AirTag hidden in each of the two bags that were stolen from him, with all the work equipment inside. Realizing this, he opened the Find My app on his iPhone and saw the location of his stolen equipment. Fortunately, after calling the police, he was able to recover everything, including his wallet, a camera, a laptop, and a GoPro. The bags were in a room in the same hotel where he was staying. 70 Euros that the two trackers cost more than amortized.

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