A poisoned gift: emails that give you alleged Bitcoin investment programs

Due to the high value that some cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can reach, it is not surprising that some users want to make money fast buying some crypto asset and waiting for it to rise in value. According to what ESET tells us, the little knowledge about this topic makes these users also the favorite victims of unscrupulous criminals who try to attract them using emails like the following one.

These types of emails have been repeated for a long time and it is normal for them to end up in the spam folder of our mailbox. However, it is also possible that someone who receives a similar email really believes that they have made a payment in cryptocurrencies and that they only have to register on a website to claim it.

This is just one of the many tactics that have been used in recent years to try to get new users to trick them into creating accounts on platforms for buying and exchanging cryptoactives with a high risk of losing the money deposited. . These campaigns have even used the image of celebrities and appear as advertisements in the main newspapers of the country, so their capacity for conviction can be high.

On this occasion, by using a simple email as a hook, these recent campaigns may be less successful than others seen previously. Even so, if someone clicks on the link provided and is in Spain, they will be redirected to a website where messages as direct as that “Bitcoin is making people rich”accompanied by a video where it appears Bill Gates.

Warning, scroll to continue reading

We have already seen this web format in previous similar campaigns, and it is also usually accompanied by all kinds of logos from different companies (used without the permission of their owners), as well as supposed comments from other users who have been happy with their investment. Obviously, these comments are not real and the photos are taken from image catalogs, but they help to give a certain sense of confidence to the user who accesses this page.

Profits fake in real time

In addition to these declarations of supposedly satisfied users, this type of website also usually includes tables with real-time profits from other supposed users to encourage the user to agree to make their investment. In a section of frequently asked questions high average earnings are also mentioned that can be obtained daily, in addition to highlighting how easy it is to manage these investments and the absence of commissions, among other points.

However, not everything is as beautiful as it seems and, if we stop to read the small print that appears at the end of the web, we will see how we are warned that these investments are, in reality, high risk speculative moves, something that contradicts what was previously said on this website. It is also recommended not to speculate with money that we cannot afford to lose, precisely due to the high risk involved.

In the event that it is decided to provide the personal data requested, the user will be redirected to a platform of trading in which to register and deposit money to be able to start speculating with cryptocurrencies and assuming the present risks. It is very likely that, if they do not have experience in trading and cryptocurrencies, the user will lose a good part of the money entered, so it is never advisable to venture into this type of platform without having the advice of experts in the field.

How to avoid falling for these scams

These types of scams and supposed investments with a lot of associated risk have been increasing as the value or media coverage of cryptocurrencies has increased. Today there are few people who have not, at least, heard of Bitcoin and the stories of people who has become a millionaire with them do not stop appearing.

However, few talk about all those who have lost their savings and they have even taken out loans and mortgages in order to make what they thought was a safe investment. Only after wasting their time and a good part of their money, could they realize that they were facing a highly speculative market, with the great risks that this entails.

For this reason, it is important to recognize this type of scam that uses cryptocurrencies as a hook to avoid falling for them. In this way, we will know what risks we are facing and we will have the necessary information to be able to decide consistently if we want to risk our money in these operations.

There is no doubt that the world of crypto assets, be it cryptocurrencies or NFTs, It can be very attractive for those who have money to risk, and whose possible loss is not a problem, in the hope of obtaining high returns in the short and long term. However, for most users who are not used to trading these assets, these types of promises of profit can be very dangerous, as it can lead them to lose much-needed money.

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