A “possessed” woman attacked a priest in a church in Italy: she was “exorcised” for 9 hours

A 28 year old woman began to behave strangely: from one moment to another he became violent and started throwing profanity, so that her mom decided to take her to confess to Church of Santa María del Monte Berico, located in Vicenza, to the north of Italy, as she was convinced that her daughter weighed a strong demonic influence.

According to Il Corriere del Veneto, the events occurred on the morning of Sunday, December 7, when the concerned family arrived at the catholic temple, one of the most popular in the region. The woman in question went to confessional but at the moment of beginning to speak with the priest in turn, he started screaming and cursing with at least three different voices and in different languages, including Latin.

This local media reported that the woman started running through the church, climbed on furniture and even he attacked his mother and father, for which four friars of the church had to intervene and Giuseppe Bernardi, the exorcism expert priest from Monte Berico. They all held her down and started a rite that lasted about nine hours and that he had the support of another priest connected in a video call.

Was she really possessed?

Exorcism of the 28-year-old girl started at around 11:00 am and ended after 8:30 pm. In the end, the woman simply fainted, her parents picked her up and got in their car to take her home. After that, it was not known how it continued, but the priests who participated have no doubt: it was a demonic possession.

According to Il Giornale di Vicenza, the people outside the temple were terrified by the screams that came from inside and began to pray: “It was horrible, it was horrible, because it alternated three different voices,” one of the faithful told said media. Outside, an ambulance and local police were also waiting, but no one dared to enter.

The father and brother of the supposed possessed woman did not consider it to be something diabolical but rather a possible psychiatric illness the cause of the strange behavior; not so her mother, devoted, who insisted that there should be religious intervention to free her from the possession that complained about her. In the end, the priests who helped her agreed that the mother was the key to the girl’s salvation, as she was the only one who had faith and understood that there was “something evil.”

These cases of alleged demonic possessions they are usually more common than you think, the religious related to Corriere del Veneto, which is why the Church of Santa María del Monte Berico has four exorcist fathers.


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