A power strip with many plugs or connecting one to another, which is better?

Any PC ecosystem it needs quite a few plugs to work, since we will have to plug in not only the PC itself, but also the monitors, speakers, router, etc. For this reason, the use of a power strip is necessary, but there are times when you increase the amount needed and you need to either purchase a second one power strip to splice to the first one, or choose to buy a new one with more plugs… which of the two options would be the most recommendable?

Of course, when you are expanding the number of devices you have on your desk and you need more plugs, the easiest thing and what more people do is to buy a new power strip and plug it in series the first time. However, and although generally nothing happens to do this, it may not be the most recommended.

You can splice several strips but…

Let’s be crystal clear from the beginning: no problem for connecting two power strips in series (that is, you plug the first one into the wall outlet and the second you plug it into the first one), as long as both power strips (especially the first one) are of good quality and, if possible, with protections against voltage surges and, above all, overload.

Why are we telling you this? Because all power strips have a power limit that they are capable of handling, a power that is generally quite high and that is enough for a PC and all its peripherals, but when we plug several power strips in series, it is normal for the one with plugs libres is the last in the chain, and it would not be unusual to plug in a vacuum cleaner, air conditioner, or other high consumption device, and that is when problems could arise, especially if the power strips do not have overload protection.

For this reason, the first recommendation that we are going to give you is that although nothing generally happens and you can do it without much danger, be very careful with the “Chinese rulers”, those white ones like the one in the image above that you find everywhere and that they have a very low quality. Protect your beloved PC and the rest of the devices well by investing in quality power strips, be it a large one with many plugs or several small power strips… at least, good ones.

The best is a power strip with many plugs

Of course, and if you want to heal in health to avoid possible problems, it is best to buy a power strip that has many plugs to be able to plug in everything you need, including the vacuum cleaner, since as a general rule these power strips support a lot of power and have protection against overload. This is something that you will not notice as an immediate improvement (except perhaps for space and cable organization), but you will appreciate it in the long run for the absence of problems… and it is that until you have a real problem you do not realize it and do not you regret investing in a good power strip from the start.

And while we’re at it, if you want our opinion about which model to buy, we can only recommend this one from APC (it’s a Schneider brand, one of the best there is), since personally I’ve been using it for more than 15 years and I have never had a single problem nor have I lacked outlets where I can plug my devices.

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