A pro-Trump nurse who wrote poems against vaccines “and genocide” died of Covid-19

Steve Shurden was 58 years old and, although he was a nurse, firmly believed that the pandemic was nothing more than genocide by the government and therefore wrote poems daily on his Facebook account disqualifying the vaccines against Covid-19, stating that these “they killed people“.

However, the man who did not hesitate to hide that he was right-wing and pro-Trump, got the new coronavirus towards the end of September. Due to complications arising from the disease, it had to be hospitalized And just when it seemed to improve after removing the fan, his lungs did not resist and died on October 19, after three weeks of fighting for his life, detailed in a Facebook post his widow, Teresa.

Every day Steve Shurden used to express his discontent over the handling of the pandemic by the President of the United States, Joe biden, and the vice president Kamala harris, to whom in some writing labeled “wicked and disobedient” for letting people die and destroying their nation.

I also used to throw strong criticism of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan or the way American war veterans were allegedly mistreated.

However, most of his writings were focused on the anti-vaccine movement, the mismanagement of the pandemic and lousy government of Democrat Joe Biden, whom he accused of having stolen last year’s election from Donald Trump, of whom Steve was a fervent follower.

His wife hasn’t stopped posting anti-vaccine content

Teresa, Steve’s wife, was the one who kept all his loved ones and friends informed of the man’s health status and, according to the media, also supported her husband’s positions and cIt shared false and anti-vaccine content, -in fact, the two opposed receiving any dose against Covid-19-. After the nurse was infected, she did not show regret for replicating ‘fake news’, reports the Daily Mail.

Both believed that the Covid-19 pandemic was nothing more than a form of genocide on the part of those in power and that the vaccines developed by pharmaceutical companies were nothing more than a hoax to make them richer at the cost. of the people who received them.

Proof of this is that Steve’s mom passed away during the pandemic. He affirmed in his social networks that the woman mayr had died after ‘his arm was pricked’Although that did not necessarily mean that his mother had died as a result of receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

For her part, Teresa usually shares passages from the bible, which he interprets in a way with real life situations, both from his family environment, as well as from the general panorama of the United States. Many of her contacts have written to her to stop doing it because she misinforms, or they have urged her to get vaccinated or at least stop disqualifying science, however, her way of thinking has not changed at all after the death of her husband.


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