A QR Code on the electoral map: what for?

A few weeks before the election, the electoral map is getting a makeover. For the first time, it includes a QR Code. But what is that for ?

In three months, French voters will have to go to the polls to choose their next president. An important ballot which will be accompanied by some novelties, and in particular on the side of the electoral map. The government has just announced the arrival of a QR Code on the precious sesame. This small symbol, which will be placed on the front of the notebook, will provide access to several important information. The aim is obviously to facilitate the process for voters.

This QR code should thus refer to the site In a few clicks, it will be possible to check your electoral situation, find a polling station near you or simply register if you have not yet done so. Finally, via this QR Code, you can also request a power of attorney in the event of absence on polling day. This will also be where you can check to whom you have given power of attorney or who has given you power of attorney.

  • Make a power of attorney request
  • Find a post office
  • Subscribe to lists
  • Check the status of your procedures

The new card also plans to highlight the voter number of its holder, a number which will now be mandatory in the case of a power of attorney request.

How to register on the lists for the first round?

In order to be able to vote in the next elections, the first round of which will take place on next April 10, you have until March 4 to register. It is thanks to this link to the website of the Ministry of the Interior that you will be able to carry out this essential step. Then you will receive a brand new electoral card, therefore equipped with a QR Code. It will be sent to your home by your town hall.

As a reminder, the electoral card proves your registration on the list of your municipality. On the other hand, it is not compulsory, even if it facilitates the work of the members of the polling stations who can find your name more quickly on the list.

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