A Raspberry brings to life the most real Pip-Boy we’ve ever seen

In case you haven’t looked at the window lately, or you only find out about El Output, five minutes of news will convince you that the end of the world is coming all the time. Do not worry, if the case comes, we have the gadget perfect. With a Raspberry, a few extra components, and lots of ingenuity, the maker John Edgar Park has created a wearable that surprisingly mimics the Pip-Boy from the video game Fallout. We tell you all the details and how you can build it too.

John Edgar Park has worked over 20 years as a computer animator for Disney, Sony, etc. But, in addition to that, it is a maker professional.

In his day he presented the series Make in PBS (the public television of the United States), in addition to making projects and videos for Adafruit, one of the most important companies of electronic components, accessories for Raspberry Pi, Arduinos, etc.

So it’s no wonder that Park is able to create true wonders with a few parts and circuits, but this has been overcome.

How to have a Pip-Boy on your wrist

For those who have lived on a desert island, the saga of games Fallout It must be the most famous when it comes to post-apocalyptic genre. Its titles are legendary and its retro-futuristic aesthetic is spectacular and one of its greatest attractions.

Within this aesthetic, you have to highlight the Pip-Boy, the computer that you wear on your wrist and that you use in the game when viewing statistics, checking radiation levels, etc.

The Pip-Boys are handled like a wearable and John Park has reproduced one of them so that you carry it with you and do not clash with the times that we have had to live.

He presented it himself on Twitter in this way.

Baptized as Pip-Boy 2040As you can see, it is spectacular and, if you are envious and crafty, you can build it yourself.

How to build a Pip-Boy with your own hands

Park has detailed, with photos and step by step, the entire process for build your own Pip-Boy on this page.

There you have the necessary components that you will have to buy and, using the menu on the left of the page, you will access construction step by step, the code to operate the screen and even the 3D drawings of the case for easy download and print.

The brain inside is a small plate Adafruit Feather with a Raspberry Pi chip model RP2040 (hence the name he has given to gadget).

As you can see if you enter the page, more detailed, impossible. Although yes, if you are wondering what the Pip-Boy can do for you, the truth is that right now not much, except help you win a contest of cosplay.

The truth is that the code it carries is very simple and just show the Pip-Boy images and move the cursor, but nothing else. Hopefully that code will mature a bit more over time, or that the community maker expand it, to make the Pip-Boy a wearable that goes beyond being an essential fashion accessory after the end of the world.

As you can see, the ingenuity of some is incredible. Or that they know something that we do not know and are preparing for what is coming …

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