A Raspberry Pi for only 6 Euros? Meet the Pico W with WiFi

More and more users are entering the world of pottery, also called DIY. Within this segment, Raspberry is a well-known brand for its powerful and affordable products. Now just announced new Raspberry Pi Pico Wwhich adds Wi-Fi connectivity to offer more possibilities.

Initially, the Raspberry Pi was intended for educational centers, in order to offer an economical solution to learn electronics. Due to its great performance/price ratio, it quickly became popular among hobbyists who, until now, only had access to an Arduino.

This is the new Raspberry Pi Pico W, with a laughable price

This new solution is not the most powerful they have launched to date, but it does update the model launched last year. The big improvement over last year’s development board is in the Wi-Fi inclusion. Thus, more solutions can be developed than with respect to the previous model.

This plate is based on el RP2040 microcontroller, which has been designed by Raspberry itself. The controller is based on two ARM Cortex M0 cores manufactured by TSMC in the 40nm process and operating at a frequency of 133MHz.

A total of 264 kB of SRAM memory has been integrated into this microcontroller. This system has a total of 2 MB of flash memory and a micro USB port to load the program.

This new Raspberry Pi Pico W focuses on the Internet of Things (IoT). A controller has been integrated for this. WiFi 802.11n in order to offer more versatility and be able to create different projects. Note that there is backwards compatibility of pins with previous models.

This new plate has a length of 51 mm and a width of 21 mm. Regarding the programming, nothing changes with respect to the previous model. This new board is still compatible with C and also integrates micropython natively.

Regarding the wireless controller, the chip CYW43439 which offers support for WiFi 4 and also for Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low-Energy. At the moment Bluetooth has not been enabled on this board, but they do not rule out enabling it in the future.

In addition, they have announced that in August they will launch the Raspberry Pi Pico WH.

How much is this little wonder worth?

Well, the best thing about the Raspberry Pi Pico W is the price, since it barely costs 6 euros. Logically, we will not be able to use it to play or simply navigate, it is focused on the development of different projects. We can develop a sensor system, a door opening mechanism or a system to control domestic lighting.

Quite possibly in the next few weeks we will see countless incredible projects based on this Pico W. When it reaches the different lovers of electronics and who want to create different systems, we will see incredible things. We have already seen it with the Raspberry Pi, with which they have developed doormen with a camera, 3D scanners and even an intelligent mirror that shows you the time, emails and other relevant information.

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