A Raspberry Pi transformed this analog camera into digital

Copying Hasselblad and its V system

If you like photography and are particularly interested in analog photography, you will know that old lenses and the use of films achieve a very different look than what digital cameras are capable of offering today. Although later filters are even used to achieve certain similar looks.

Besides that, the charm of an analog camera from 50 years ago is hardly a current one, much less a mobile phone. Therefore, without detracting from the photographic devices that currently exist, on the contrary, what this user has done through the use of a Raspberry Pi is very interesting for any lover of photography.

He has copied, so to speak, the idea of Hasselblad V system It allows the use of lenses older than sixty years with a digital back like the one seen in the Hasselblad 907X. Of course, in its own way and creating a film reel that actually integrates a 5 megapixel sensor.

From analog to digital

To carry out this process of converting an analog camera into a digital one, this user had to resort to a Raspberry Pi Zero W, a 5MP sensor and a kind of casing or adapter in the shape of an analog film that would allow everything to be placed in a Cosina camera as if it were a reel of photos.

In this adapter there is not only the Rasbperri Pi and the sensor, but also a lithium battery that is responsible for supplying the necessary power for its operation. Then, as the board used has a WiFi connection, the images that are captured can be sent over the internet. What’s more, the camera itself is controlled remotely.

So what this user is doing or achieving was adapt old analog camera to be used as a housing and adapter for that lens I had. So with a little more work you could get even something much more elaborate, with your own trigger and more creative possibilities.

Likewise, the project carried out is frankly striking and it is certain that more than one amateur photographer, with analog cameras at home, is already thinking about how to access all this code and list of necessary elements to do something similar.

Well, these are basically the elements used:

  • Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • Camera module without the lens, to expose the sensor
  • LiPo battery
  • Converter to increase the current to + 5V
  • Analog camera
  • CAD file for the adapted “reel”

With all that and a little patience you could convert your own analog camera to digital.

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